Apek’s MaxPad, The World’s First Touch TV With Windows 8.1

Maxpad Windows Touch TV

Brazil based company Apek has announced MaxPad, world’s first Touch TV with Windows OS in it. It runs on Windows 8.1 and it comes with optic multipoint touchscreen. It also come with 100 degree wide angle camera which is perfect for video conferences in high resolution, allows 5MP capture, and Full HD video. It is powered by Quadcore AMD chip With 3.8Ghz, the processor A10 offers high performance graphics with an ATI Radeon HD7660. On storage side, it comes With a hybrid configuration that includes a SSD of 60 GB and 500 GB HD, you will have more speed and space. It comes with Universal remote control, Air Mouse and wireless keyboard. You can have everything under control with only one device.

You can use this TV in various modes, assemble your Maxpad like Desktop, Flat Table, Inclined Table (45 °), Kiosk or straight in your wall. It starts with $5700 for 39 inch model.



MaxPad Windows Touch TV 1

Find more details here.

  • donzebe

    Good for the windows ecosystem, we may start seeing windows TV at affordable price in the near future. For now it’s not a Walmart price range so I will wait till it gets there.

    • alukard

      Internet Of Things project is what Microsoft want to use to enable windows on everything and its free for OEMs. So I’m sure soon enough there will be dirt cheap TVs with windows as its smart OS.

  • NGM123

    Very nice, what a cool thing

  • Bugbog


    • http://yourig.livejournal.com/ ZloiYuri

      No. Gorgeous.

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    This is awesome, I hope that we’ll get these at a low-end price range soon. :-)

  • ale91g

    Do want!

  • Vincent Haakmat

    If they could fit Windows IoT on a stick (USB or HDMI), I think that would go a long way towards reducing the price. $5700 for 39′ TV is way too expensive. But honestly this thing really is a AIO PC. A 27′ Acer Touchscreen only costs $600, so do the math. And the swiveling is just an option that comes with the stand (I guess) since it doesn’t make sense to have if on the TV itself. But then again, these Brazilians may see a market for it over there.

    • DaMisGuy

      You can already boot Windows from a USB stick…this capability has been around for a few years now. The next couple of years are going to be incredible…consumers will have choices they’ve never imagined before. Pure awesomeness…Pure Microsoft!!!

      • zdanee

        I think what Vincent meant was to have the CPU and all the hardware in the stick, like the cheap Chinese Android sticks. Not a bad idea either, a BayTrail system could probably fit into that size or a Mobile-ITX form at most. But this is for Intel to make, not MS.

    • LukasCely

      I think the price is in BRL and not USD, It’s still expensive around 2200 USD, But I think the price can be dropped once They start ‘mass production’.

  • samantha

    So expensive!And the stand looks really ugly!I know a product that could directly turns your TV into a multitouch TV,instead of buying another expensive TV that can be touched.And It is much larger than this..http://tabler.tv/s/touch-screen-tv

  • rav

    So when do they start calling it the MAXiPad?