Apple and Google now less trusted than Microsoft


A new survey by the Ponomon institute has found that consumers are increasingly distrusting Apple and Google and are in fact turning to Microsoft.   According to their survey, neither Apple nor Google are currently ranking among the top 20 most trusted companies in America, while Microsoft has made a new appearance on the ranking; for the first time hitting the number 17 spot.   Apple was ranked 14th last year, and has now dropped off the list; showing an increasing distrust in the company whose autocratic modus operandi is increasingly disturbing consumers and who has been involved in a number of serious tracking issues.  Products such as Apple maps have also not inspired confidence. 

Similarly, Google who ranked 10th in 2008, 13th in 2010 and 19th in 2011 has also fallen off the list.  That company of course whole business model is based on invading consumers privacy, thus making the result unsurprising. 

Read the PDF with full details at the Ponomon Institute here.


  • Lasp24

    not surprising…

  • GG002

    Not surprisingly… since Microsoft decided to make marketable the fact that they’re far more mature than both Apple and Google, having been penalised for exact or similar misdeeds that Apple and Google are now being smacked for. Showing that you’re the sometimes boring adult may not always be liked, but ultimately your bet is safer with someone mature.

  • michaelg

    Agree. It was just a matter of time. ‘Gotta love’ competition and consumer sentiment.

  • WembergCarl0

    This is not good news! if the feds trust you as a corporation you’re doing something wrong .

    • Tips_y

      The survey in the article was conducted among ordinary users. The feds have nothing to do with it. You should go see an eye specialist, maybe you’ll learn to read better.

  • surilamin

    Do no evil hahahaha

  • smith

    Oh so finally people stop being ignorant and start to figure things out after decades?
    It amaze me to see how people are ignorant and in many case are stupid to trust Apple or specially Google in first place.
    The two evil company one ripping off people and tracking them and the other one give them shitty services and products and track all their life.
    Hope more people will wake up…
    P.S. Yes I know all companies track people and store some kind of data which is a law and law force them to do it but still the way Google and Apple doing business is unacceptable.

  • NGM123

    Bang on the mark. Autocratic Apple is an understatement and google=spyware