Apple blocking SkyDrive from iOS store, wants cut of revenue

The first 7 GB of SkyDrive storage is free, but users can buy as much as 100 GB of storage.

Now Apple is insisting that Apple should get a cut of any SkyDrive purchases made via their devices, be it via the official SkyDrive app, or via integration with 3rd party apps.

That cut is 30%, and the policy is consistent with the same one which Dropbox suffered from, which in the end forced them to remove any way for an iOS user to purchase additional storage.

According to TNW Microsoft’s biggest issue with paying Apple’s 30% cut is that it would continue for the length of the subscription, which could easily be several years, and would last even beyond the user graduating from Apple’s products.

As it is Microsoft and Apple are at an impasse, and Microsoft is unable to update their iOS SkyDrive app, and 3rd party devs cant integrate SkyDrive in their apps on iOS.

While Apple has the right to run the store as they see fit, with hundreds of millions of users in their ecosystem I can still see the abuse of their power attracting Justice Department scrutiny.

Read more detail at TNW here.

  • Cylton Collymore

    screw apple.. pull skydrive and every MS product from them… make apps that only only appear on Windows and android…*shrug*

    • ZeroNoise

      or even better WP gets the first and better (more feature rich) version and ios and android get worse and on a much later date(considering the opposite happens now)…and less features include not being able to purchase from the ios app…no money for apple still money for ms

      • ynight88

        wp’s office is already quite good now. and with several mobile device on your home onenote is just start to taking off

      • fdsfdsfds

        Yeah that’ll work great because WP8 is the market leader……… OH HANG ON

        • nickcraze

          Given the time that will happen.

        • DougGroves

          Who cares if WP is the market leader? MS could just remove the ‘buy more storage’ feature from iOS completely and be done with it.
          Users would still be able to buy more storage from their laptops, desktops or even the phone’s browswer.
          If Apple still won’t accept the app, then that’s on them.

          • Jon Davis

            What I don’t get is, why can’t Microsoft just charge 30% more? If that goes against Apple’s TOS as well, why can’t Microsoft just charge x% more across the board to cover the losses?

          • Robert_IT

            Just give Apple your soul and sign away your pay check. Wake up dude!

    • Mike Beasley

      iOS users wouldn’t even notice. Can’t think of a single Microsoft product on my iPhone.

      • Alexander Nevrmind

        Are you serious, I use Skydrive on my iPad and its a MUST. I have 20G and if you use others apps outside of Apple thre is no way Apple can stop me from accessing my account.

        • Stephen Robinson

          Plenty of apps do what Skydrive does, so no, it really isn’t a must to most iOS users.

          • Joe_HTH

            Here’s this ignorant idiot again. Since Skydrive is better than any of those other apps, your point is moot.

          • Stephen Robinson

            I’m ignorant. Yet you claim Skydrive is better, fact, not an opinion. You’re hilarious! Nothing I’ve said is against Microsoft, yet you get your pants in a twist. You sure are entertaining.

          • Joe_HTH

            Skydrive is better. Better than iCloud, better than Dropbox, and better than Google Drive. It also offers more free storage and is far cheaper when it comes to paid storage options. You wouldn’t know this because you don’t use Microsoft products and you are completely ignorant of all the apps Microsoft has made for iOS. Though after this, I doubt that continues.

            It will also take more than a worthless tool on the internet to get me in a twist. I just despise trolls and ignorant fanboys.

          • Stephen Robinson

            Oh dear. Please do try to keep up will you? I use both a Windows Phone (lumia 800) and a Windows 8 PC and have tried the apps for iOS, and IN MY OPINION they aren’t the best, but that’s fine if you think they are. Again, you jump to conclusions because you are angered that someone does not agree with you.

        • ynight88

          I guess the problem is if apple does so, will people let go skydrive or apple? That’s why they feel they can do that at the first place. They may have this power to screw a utility feature(if you dont see it as a full on war against ms) provider for quite some time now into the future. But when it comes to office, I said screw apple and bought a surface

        • arrow2010

          Why use SkyDrive when there is DropBox and other good services?

      • Stephen Robinson

        This. While Google has created apps on iOS that I love, MS has yet to make any.

        • Randall “texrat” Arnold

          Well, that’s two of you, anyway.

        • Joe_HTH

          That’s because you and your butt buddy above are Microsoft hating Apple shills. So nobody gives a shit what your opinion is.

          • Stephen Robinson

            Yet I have and love a Windows Phone and Windows 8. Good job fanboy.

          • Joe_HTH

            Yeah, I believe you.

          • Stephen Robinson

            So it resorts to you thinking I’m lying about these devices? Too funny. I can send you proof if you like, if that’s how petty you want to be? Really, get a grip and accept that not everyone has to agree with you.

          • 1bens

            Don’t come on a Microsoft focused site and expected to be greeted as champ if all you’re going to do is diss on the products MS cranks out. Commenters here don’t expect everyone to agree that Skydrive is the best but don’t insist on preaching that Goog apps or whatever is better. You’ve stated your opinion, fine. Don’t insist on winning an argument here.

          • lickmycrapple

            but you use apple products. Idiot

          • jdreson

            Please suck Microsoft’s dick some more you faggot.

      • Joe_HTH

        Then what the hell are you doing on a Microsoft related website, besides trolling your ass off. Take a hike and crawl back to your Apple altar.

        • Tips_y


        • Mahesh


        • Bobolinho

          Thats what iSheep do. They spread the word of the church of Jobs.

          • Robert X

            As if the M$ cronies don’t do the same thing.

          • Robert_IT

            Actually we don’t spread lies like Apple user’s frequently do. Fact is all computers can get viruses but don’t say that on a MAC forum, that’s considered blasphemy.

      • tom

        Your an idiot. The built in mail app uses microsofts tech. Probably use that one every day.

        • Paul


      • Hulmiho

        bcause you are stupid Golden Delicious Faggot.

      • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

        Well Apple pays Nokia for patents on 2g, 3G and Wifi standard (i believe), so…. now, essentially there is a partial Microsoft product on your phone.

        And… i´m not surprised that alot of iphone users wouldn´t use MS products on it, since Apple users rarely use their phones for anything but instagram. 😉 The only thing the majority of iphone users actually their phones for, is arranging icons according to color (mostly in public, like on the bus or train).

    • Mauritz Nordlund

      Great idea. Especially since MSFT have gone from 97% market share to 20%. BTW. Isnt it fun that MSFT takes 30% on every app on WindowsRT/Windows phone? That is ok according to you. Just shows how bias you are.

      • ilol

        Ah, finally someone that is stupid enough! Good luck holding on to your idream.

  • erzhik

    What stops me from expanding storage via computer?

    • Ef Jay

      The twats have blocked access to the skydrive app so no way to access your increased storage. What a bunch of tosses, sad MS seems to love them so much.

      • ynight88

        You mean you can’t access it even when you upgraded completely apple free?is that even legal…

  • brent3000

    This is what it comes to when Apples shares loose almost $200?

    • Mike Beasley

      This is how it’s always been. This has been part of the iOS developer’s agreement since the beginning. Microsoft knows it. Everyone knows it.

      • Joe_HTH

        Microsoft will simply cancel Skydrive for iOS.

      • Mr. Rodgers

        Apple are just being ridiculous. We already know that Office, if it comes, is going to be released free as you will already have to be subscribed to MS office 365

  • Breakingillusions

    greedy apple

    • auziez

      same old some old

  • ynight88

    If I were apple I’d be fearing ms cancelling office for ios more than want to steal from them..

    • Mike Beasley

      No one is stealing anything. This was always part of the iOS developer’s agreement which Microsoft agreed to. Not only that, but iOS users have gotten by just fine without Microsoft products this long. Apple’s iWork apps can open and export Office files. It’s really no big deal if Microsoft doesn’t release Office for iOS.

      • ynight88

        this is your opinion and you have every right to hold on it. But me and a lot others I know bought a surface for the very reason it has office on it. I mean it’s true a lot people like you out there would never bother to use office at all, but you need to understand that people are different and some do appreciate pffice on their mobile device. So to this point, apple is certainly better off with office released. You dont need get aggressive on me, i too wish apple good. And saying they can do good all on their own is probably not a good way for them to stay on top

        • Stephen Robinson

          What are you talking about? It being part of the developer agreement is fact not an opinion, whether you like or not.

          • lolthis

            it’s clearly refering to office being not important so said mike. you need to read or learn how to read before post lol

          • Stephen Robinson

            Pretty rich telling me I need to learn how to read when you fail to spell correctly or even use correct grammer.

          • lolthis

            that’s the whole point of you get loled…still dont get it?

          • Stephen Robinson

            Of course, you keep telling yourself that.

          • ilol

            Yea like you ever listen..there’s a reason you are like this, and that’s not the government to blame. Good luck!

          • Sven Hult

            *grammar 😛

          • Mr.InTernaTionaL

            Yea we got that but the point that Apple wants Microsoft to pay them got service that can be paid for through any other medium other than the Apple Store is the point. Microsoft already has millions of Skydrive users and should not be forced to pay Apple for COMPETITION..!!!

          • Alfred Soyemi

            A fair comparison to what the issue is, is like asking MS to pay Apple a cut for those who bought premium hotmail email services (there is premium hotmail account that gives you more features and increased storage space) because they are going to configure the POP3 email system on their iOS based devices.

        • Thilak Rao

          I would never buy a device just because it supports some app. I would think of the “peace of mind” when I get with the device

      • Joe_HTH

        I will ask you again. If you have no use or desire for Microsoft software or products, then what the hell are you doing here?

        • Alfred Soyemi

          Please can I answer for Mike Beasley…. To be a pain!

      • Gavin Tom

        lol, yeah right ask any apple user that tries to do work on an ipad. The formatting and everything that is patented on MS office products are not present in any other program. It is a total nightmare to cross platform between the two and a headache at the very least. It would be a huge deal if MS pulled Office from iOS.

      • guesttt999

        After the maps fiasco, looks like Apple is on a roll to screw all the services one by one. I know plenty of CIOs dying to get Office for their beloved iOS devices. They don’t want any of iWork crap. Don’t write ignorant posts just for the sake of writing.

      • Asgardi

        Well those one-way “agreements” have no power in anti-trust cases anyway, and one seems to be coming soon. It is all about marketshares. If a company with much bigger marketshare blocks companies with small marketshare from doing something, we a case :). It is just funny that the situation is now this way around.

      • muha

        iworks lol, are you kiddin

  • ynight88

    apple are now weaker than ever in 5 years and they just dont get it

  • Scott Humble

    Microsoft could always agree to this and then adjust the rate that they charge Apple for hosting iCloud to offset the profit loss. If that isn’t irony, I don’t know what would be.

    • Yizpeps

      They would get hit with a lawsuit for anti-competitve behavior or something like that, really they should just make it so that you can’t buy extra space on iOS same way amazon doesn’t let you purchase any movies in the iOS app, “wanna buy more space, apple doesn’t let you do it here, please go to a computer and do it there instead.” Post-PC my A$$

  • Bugbog

    This is the same sort of issue I believe will affect any Office app released through iTunes.

    How does Microsoft release Office apps through iTunes without channelling profits to Apple, which, given their potency, would see Apple getting quite a chunk!

    Obviously (??), the answer would be to make them free readers, with the option to later purchase an online 365 subscription.

    But then this same sort of issue will rear its head, with Apple demanding a cut of any subsequent subscriptions/profits. Which means (to me) that this Skydrive issue is merely a proxy war for the upcoming (and possibly/probably not) Office on IOS release.

    • ynight88

      your post makes a lot sense. ms for some reason just love em some fruit..but i would laugh my pants off if apple actually block office for ms not willing to get them the cut

      • Stephen Robinson

        You can’t see the reason? If they want their products on mobile to be successful they need to be on iOS. Simple as that.

        • Randall “texrat” Arnold

          Not really. Android currently has the biggest global share by far. And Apple will marginalize themselves with stupidity like this.

          • Stephen Robinson

            It doesn’t have to be the bigger globally to be super important, iOS is still huge, why would they ignore it? This is why Google releases every app on iOS to, because they know that group of users is an important demographic. MS signed an agreement that states that Apple requires a cut so to moan about something that agreed to on submitting the app is pretty funny. (whether you think it’s right wrong is another matter)

          • Mathieu Gosbee

            God damn, go away, kid. iOS is big. Android is huge. Windows is massive. Get it right.

          • Stephen Robinson

            1) Nobody said the opposite or is arguing about what you just said, so not sure why that was your point, but okay. 2) We’re talking about mobile. 3) iOS is still big, so it’s important for big companies to be on there to, AS WELL as the others. 5) Learn to read or understand what people are saying before shitting your pants.

          • Joe_HTH

            Will you please do everyone here a favor and shut the hell up.

          • Stephen Robinson

            Boohoo fanboy is angry.

          • Tips_y

            Wow yes I was right! You’re indeed suffering from the Apple Reality Distortion Field if you think 20% is “HUGE”! LOL!

          • Stephen Robinson

            20% is huge when compared to the amount of mobile OS’ out there, of course that isn’t close to as huge as Android. But that doesn’t change the fact that iOS is still an important platform to be on as well as the others.

          • Tips_y

            You’re wrong! Android is HUGE, iOS is significant.

          • Stephen Robinson

            It is still significant, still the second largest mobile OS, so it is important to be on there. That was my point.

          • Tips_y

            I know it’s important for MS to have a presence in Android but I’m not too sure it’s that important to be in iOS at this stage when the share in userbase worldwide is shrinking. It might still be growing in North America, U.K. and Australia (not too sure about that) but it’s shrinking elswhere.

          • Mr. Rodgers

            No, it’s important for Apple to have it on their mobile OS, not MS to be on it. Office rules productivity with an iron first (over 93% marketshare and that’s being generous) . Long term, Apple either concedes or they suffer.

          • Tips_y

            These are iSheep comments coming from you: “If they want their products on mobile to be successful they need to be on iOS” and “iOS is still huge” and speaks of how much the Apple Reality Distortion field has you in its clutches.

            First off, iOS has 20% share worldwide so it cannot be characterized as “huge” and secondly therefore, MS doesn’t need to be there to succeed.

            Marketshare for iOS is falling elsewhere other than North America, U.K., and Australia (not too sure of Australia though) so I’m not sure it’s even important for MS software/apps to be there at all.

          • DougGroves

            That iOS demographic is becoming less important though. Two years ago, it was much more important than it is now.
            Also, I can understand Apple wanting a 30% cut for apps in the store, as they’re listing it, creating the dev tools etc, but the in-app 30% cut is a load of crap, regardless of whether it’s happening to Microsoft. Apple isn’t delivering the service, in the same way buying an Amazon book on iOS isn’t going through Apple’s servers.
            In a cross-platform world, the app itself and the related media are two different things, and should be separate.

          • applegogo

            apple is falling faster than i expected. it has only been 5 years..
            they used to make some good units, now they just trying to rip everyone off before they get out of business again

          • Appelflap

            Well you can have a bigger marketshare but if your users are not willing to pay for apps then its useless to develop for such a platform. How big it is.

            Thats the problem with Android and thats why iOS is more succesfull.

          • Randall “texrat” Arnold

            You’re kidding…right?

        • lolthis

          lol cool guy

        • Gavin Tom

          I didn’t think you were a troll at first, but it’s getting old buddy.

          • Stephen Robinson

            If you think stating iOS is still an important platform for a company to develop for is trolling you really need to look at yourself.

          • Tips_y

            I agree. iOS is still important and has significant market share. BUT it is NOT “HUGE” like what you have said more than once! It has only 20% market share so it’s not huge like Android is. You should wake up from being too much an iSheep.

          • Stephen Robinson

            It was the wrong word to use yes, fair enough. But you have to resort to petty words? Nothing I said has anything to do with what I use considering I use a Galaxy Nexus as well as a Lumia 800, but alright then.

        • Tips_y

          You’re still have the hang-over from the Apple Reality Distortion Field! iOS is only 20% of worldwide userbase. Android has more than 3X the share of iOS marketshare.

          • Stephen Robinson

            Where am I claiming what you’re saying isn’t true? I’m not arguing about it’s marketshare, I’m just saying it’s still an important platform to be on, even if it’s not the biggest. You seem to be pulling shit out of the air that I haven’t claimed.

          • Tips_y

            To quote from you “iOS is still huge”. The 20% share of iOS is significant but NOT “huge” as you claim it to be.

          • Stephen Robinson

            Alright, maybe huge is a strong word. But still yes, as you say, it is still significant, still the second largest mobile OS, so it is important to be on there.

          • Tips_y

            I’m absolutely sure it’s important to be in Android because it is a HUGE market but I’m not too sure it is that important to be in iOS, or to quote you “If they want their products on mobile to be successful they need to be on iOS”
            More iOS units are maybe added daily but the marketshare is still shrinking nevertheless.

          • John Rogers

            Granted it maybe an important platform but that importance is shrinking as Android and MS are moving past iOS technologically. Apple is basically trying to litigate its competition away unfortunately that path isn’t working. I can understand Apple wanting a slice of the pie (no pun intended) from MS however I don’t think they deserve or should be demanding a slice ad infinitium…their reaction is purely anti-competitive behavior and if they don’t watch out they will be having to deal with a Justice Dept. investigation. MS is in it for the long haul and they may not move as fast as Apple or Google but don’t forget the lesson in the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare….speed isn’t very thing persistence and a long term perspective is a winning formula….especially for MS.

          • Stephen Robinson

            Oh I agree they don’t deserve that slice, but unfortunately for MS it is in the developer agreement. iOS will always be an important place to be, even if WP gains large traction in my opinion.

          • Mr. Rodgers

            Office, if it is released, will be free for download and only useful if you have already subscribed Office 365. Apple won’t be able to monetize anything, but they can force MS hand and completely cancel it.

          • Stephen Robinson

            Totally marketshare IS shrinking but device numbers are growing, important difference.

          • VHMP01

            Which only means that the ‘Device Numbers’ from other OS (Android) is growing at a much faster pace! What’s your point? So silly when Apple fans try to twist thing favorable to them.


    ios is sooo 2007.

    • Tips_y

      Oh absolutely! The iSheeps just don’t realize it just yet. LOL!

    • wp user

      no difference… =.=”

      • PoohGQ

        Hey, com’on now! They made great by changing the background image until once.. /s

  • Randall “texrat” Arnold

    This is gonna get ugly.

  • Josh Bassett

    Poor babies.

  • Gavin Tom

    I bet everytime Steve Woz sees an article like this is just rolling his eyes again. O apple you troll.

  • Tamerlan Soziev

    If i were Microsoft – I would charge Apple for every purchase people do via iTunes on windows!!!!

    • VHMP01


  • J A

    This is pure stupidity that should attract the justice department because Apple has been keeping competitors’ apps from their store for a while. It does not make any sense that Apple continues to behave in this way especially when they are not providing any infrastructure such as the payment gateway for in-app purchases other than the app sitting in their store.

  • grs_dev

    I think this is perfect. Microsoft should limit the skydrive on iOS to 7GB. If an iOS user wants to access the remainder of their drive they must do so using the browser. I don’t see an issue with that.

    • VHMP01

      Exactly, iOS gets a crappy service like iMaps! Simple as that.

  • Anonymous


  • NGM123

    I just don’t get it. Apple forcefully limit peoples choices, yet people flock to them in droves. I get the quality product point of view, but that soon where’s off once you get locked out from doing what you want to do, and should freely be able to do.
    Screw apple and it’s monopolistic anti consumer stand point.

  • Chris Salter

    Just pull all m/s products from apple, apple arent really getting that much good press right now.

    Apple arent about innovation, they arent about consumers, they arent about supplying demand, They ARE about making money and lots of it regardless of who’s feet they stand on

    So does this same rule apply to purchases made using the ebay app? or when you book a holiday using a travel app?

    No! It only applies when it overlaps an existing apple service….

    Greed…..Plain and simple

  • mick malloy

    This is not good. Microsoft is almost dead already anyway. Google docs killed the Office, Linux killed them in mobile, Apple is killing them everywhere else. The only thing they still have is Windows. Bloated, overpriced software that hasn’t moved too far from XP in past 10+ years.

    • MeWhoElse

      Crack must be cheap where you live…

    • Daniel Miller

      $39 is overpriced? Are you an idiot or something?

    • Randall “texrat” Arnold

      Wait– Google Docs killed off Office???

      How could that be when there are a lot of companies *blocking* Google Docs, yet running Office?

  • Spurti Preetham

    I think you should purchase the subscription on windowsphone or android and also use it on apple.. Technically that is not an in-app purchase from apple 😛

  • fdsfsdfds

    The beauty of the app store is that even Microsoft is treated exactly the same as every other developer on there.

    This post is them complaining they should be an exception because of their size.

  • RonV42

    Hmm…will Apple demand 30% of Xbox sales for those who use Xbox SmartGlass from their iPhones to control the Xbox and make purchases? What about Xbox Live Subscriptions…how deep will Apple try to reach?

  • donzebe

    Another reason why Apples are good only for decoration or Apple sauce.


    I hate Apple. Apple has to die.

  • phantomssv

    say yes to 30% of each Skydrive and office purchase but in exchange ask for 30% of each iTunes and iCloud purchase made on a windows device…. that should work out well for Microsoft i would think..

  • mrdeezus

    I don’t like Apple, but isn’t this just what they do to all the app makers? Wht should MS be any different? I personally think they should not release office or skydrive on ios.

  • brandelune

    I don’t understand the issue.

    In-app purchase revenues (as well as any other purchases) are split 30/70 for every app on the App Store. Why would MS be dealt with differently than any other company ?

    If they want to gain income from App Store sales, they have to split with Apple. Like all the others do. If they don’t want to split with Apple, they remove the purchase function. Like others have done.

    What is problematic about that ?

  • Toma

    and I am getting rid of my iPhone… 😉

  • Wayneo

    Give them what they want, just price the app at $50. That well run the users to the ms-surface. Apple’s shares are dropping by the minute anyway. Shrink the apple ship ms. You can’t be seen as a monopoly anymore so u don’t have to care.

  • tropolite

    Okay, in Australia Foxtel has FoxtelGo a service available if you have a Foxtel subscription you can freely watch Foxtel via your ipad (I’m waiting for the Surface option now), but my question is does apple tell Foxtel they want a chunk of that revenue too – I bet not.
    With apple being as they’ve always been and Google now playing a similar game by making their services unavailable to MS users, well I’d have to agree with the majority here and say MS should reconsider looking at providing services to these other platforms.

  • InternationalRelationsXPERT

    Proud to say that I am writing this comment on my MS Surface RT. I sold both my iPhone 4 and my iPad2 because I realized that I was paying three times the price of a PC for the same or even inferior hardware. Apples may look pretty on the outside, but that advantage is quickly wearing away. If my Surface had genitalia, I’m pretty sure I’d be banging it all night long. It really is a beautiful machine. Now that Best Buy is selling the surface, expect Apple’s sales to slide BIG TIME!

  • Robert_IT

    Yet one more reason I will NEVER buy an Apple device. Thank GOD Nokia came out with the Lumia 920.
    Now just waiting for the Surface Pro and BYE BYE iCRAP!!!

  • Andraeseus

    I hate sky drive anyway. and I REALLY hate windows for trying to force, coerce, and trick me in every way imaginable to use this stupid product. I do however love my wp8