Apple CEO Tim Cook On Office For iPad: “I Wholeheartedly Welcome Microsoft To The App Store.”

Microsoft released Office for iPad apps in App Store after much delay. It became an instant hit with over 12 million downloads within weeks after the launch. Apple CEO Tim Cook said during a second-quarter earnings call on Wednesday, “If it had been done earlier, it would’ve been better for Microsoft.”

He however acknowledged that Microsoft’s Office is critical software for the iPad, especially in enterprises, and customers are responding well.

He also whole heartedly welcomed Microsoft for their move.

“I do see that Office is a very key franchise in the enterprise,”
“I wholeheartedly welcome Microsoft to the App Store.”

Source: Apple

  • SategB

    Very classy of Cook and he is right sooner would have been better but that was poor Ballmer management. We now have a good manager running the company with Nadella who understand this new future where 70¢ on the dollar is better then Zero even if we are giving Apple the other 30¢.

    • Blaze Blue

      How is he right? Him and you have not point out the benefit of “earlier”

      • SategB

        Earlier would have stem some of the substitution of competing products in software and introduce new services sooner. User looked for and found usable substitutions. A sizable number more of the 210 million iPad buyers to date likely would have never not bother to learn to use substitutes and bought Office immediately, specially enterprise. Furthermore it would have contributed less to headwinds experienced by MSFT legacy products.

        Let’s just bd glad that Nadella correct the mistake as quickly as he could.

        • Guest

          Not sure that I agree…the people who don’t want to pay for Office are still not going to pay for Office and will use some half-hearted substitute. There really are minimal learning curves for word processor program and less than 1% of the general population uses formulas on spreadsheets. And as has been argued here plenty of times, Office for Ipad was developed under Ballmer’s leadership. You appear to have experience in enterprise…do you really that Office for Ipad was developed and launched in 7 weeks (ie feb 4th to March 27th?).

          • Tips_y

            Good point… particularly on the length of time involved in developing Office for iPad.

          • hushv

            Ballmer Bashers: Office for Ipad was developed under Ballmer’s leadership.

          • SategB

            As previously stated by an earlier poster, development was in fact pursued and completed years previously.

            There is no incongruency to congratulating Nadella for wisely taking the reins insisting on immediate release and chiding the former for misguided adjuncture to bridle prior deliver to market.

        • Blaze Blue

          And who appointed you as being right.

    • theflew

      Come on. This code was written while Balmer was in charge. People make it sound like Nadella reinvented MS in a couple of months. This stuff had been planned for well over a year. Designing, coding and testing don’t happen over night.

      • hushv

        Tell them!

      • LexicoRed

        Yes the code was written long ago but Ballmer wouldn’t release it thinking it would help move W8 boxes. Didn’t work they continue to tank so Nadella made the needed course correction.

        Microsoft is now in much better hands.

  • Blaze Blue

    What would have been the difference if they had released it “earlier” vs now?

    • ruzzy

      would have stopped iPad sales going flat, as it would have been seen as a useful device sooner. Ballmer was right on this one the money made on a few subscriptions will be nothing compared to the leverage windows tablets had before this mistake

      • Luke

        But office for iPad was given the go ahead ages ago by Ballmer!

  • rjmlive

    All in all, Microsoft and Apple certainly work better together than Google with either of them. Ironically Apple’s business model doesn’t even cross paths with Google’s.. except for the cloud, where they are all converging. I really hope to see more collaboration between Apple and Microsoft.

  • Habib Wakil

    Tim Cook has alot of respect and fear

    • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

      In the long term Apple’s model won’t win outside of those U.S.A. and Americans culturally can only accept 2 parties, not 3, so either WIndows Phone will fail, or Apple, and the fact that Scroogle itself doesn’t want their people to use Chromebooks is reason enough for others not to buy them.

      • Don’t fear the future

        “In the long term Apple’s model won’t win outside of those U.S.A.”

        I agree 100% with this statement.

        Apple doesn’t sell much of anything that isn’t subsidized. That’s why iPad sales are falling off, and why Mac’s will never catch PC’s in sales. That’s why Windows Phones are outselling iPhones in some twenty something markets.

        The interesting part is how the US cellular carriers are moving away from subsidies. What happens to iPhone sales when that happens?

        • MSphan

          Seems like Apple doing pretty darn good in China with over 10 Billion last quarter. And last I look China was outside U.S.A..

          • Don’t fear the future

            Correct. But all because of cellphone subsidies. All the high-end smartphones require a subsidy, otherwise very few would buy them.

            China mobile posted larger than expected “losses” thanks to cellphone subsidies. (the iPhones sold so well at China mobile that the more they sold the more subsidies they had to pay). So while it’s great news for Apple, it’s eating into China mobile’s profits.

            It’s gonna get even worse for China mobile: “Subsidies for all phones will rise 29 percent to 34 billion yuan this year, with introduction of the iPhone being part of the reason, Chief Financial Officer Xue Taohai said in March. ”

            The problem I have is this. If you can’t afford a $850 phone, then don’t buy one. Cellphone subsidies artificially increase the cost of data plans / rates to help pay for the subsidies. Meaning, even if you don’t own an iPhone, or Samsung Galaxy S your still paying for one. Your just paying for someone else’s who didn’t want to pay $850 for their phone. (just like welfare really)

            That’s what the “Smartphone Premium” everyone pays each month is. That’s the money you save by switching to T-Mobile since they don’t subsidies phones anymore (no more smartphone premium), and that’s the amount ATT reduces off your monthly bill for “not” upgrading your phone after 2 years. (if you hold on to your old phone they take away the premium fee) The US carriers are moving away from subsidies because the subsidies make it so attractive for consumers to buy the most expensive phones that there are not enough low-end phone buyers to pay for the subsidies.

            China Mobile is just jumping into that mess, and their population doesn’t have money like the US population does.

  • hotrod2391

    This is expected from Cook. What will he say? That it is bad and they do not welcome? Come one people we are not born yesterday. Most of the time people say BS since they want to convey good things but the intentions maybe different. This is for PR. I think the time is just right for MSOffice for ipad because it has many users now. This is the same as google saying oh we do not have plans to develop for WP because it has a mediocre user count. So at the end it all goes down to money. MS is catching up in the mobile / tablet world so they are facing some sh#D$T of pain from Google and Apple but when things turn around Google and Apple will be begging MS. This is the wheel kinda thing sometimes your at the top sometimes at the bottom but its not permanent that is the good thing.

    • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

      Microsoft innovated in mobile way before the rest, Scroogle didn’t want to develop for the iPhone when it was still king, so Scroogle simply wants to ignore the highest and top to develop for their own platform first, they don’t even have the best services, so Microsoft can simply release a powerful alternative, Microsoft should release Bing Maps, the Bing Translator, and other services to the other platforms, then they’d get more people on their services.

  • ZloiYuri

    Great!!! But wait… Didn’t that Tim Cock wanted to pull out office 365 app because it have paid subscription or must MS pay percentage from every deal? Such a cunt.

  • Mark Matheson

    Very good Tim but this isn’t the first thing MS has released on the App Store.

    • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

      But he doesn’t care, Apple’s staff only uses Scroogle products, and Scroogle’s staff only uses Crapple’s products, it’s almost as if the entire tech world is stacked against Microsoft, Microsoft is like Russia, they’re super-big, have the best of everything, yet everyone hates them for things that they aren’t…

  • Malcolm Williams

    Thanks Microsoft and Apple

    Office for iPAD is actually pretty damn amazing. Really all you need is a keyboard and you’re good to go…and for meetings and stuff, it’s a good compliment…

    While I wouldn’t want to see itunes for Windows Phones, I could see a RT itunes solution down the pike.

    Let’s hope we get that