Apple Is Reportedly Working With Microsoft’s Old Partner Swatch For Its Smartwatches

Today, Venturebeat reported that Apple is working with the world’s largest Watch manufacturing group Swatch for to release a line of smartwatches in variety of branded styles and price points. Apple usually does not license their technology/OS to other companies, they do both the software and hardware as we have seen in the past with iPod, iPhone, Mac and iPad. If this report is true, then Apple is aiming to capture a significant share of smartwatch industry by licensing their technology to other watch manufacturers.

Microsoft is not a new entrant to the world of smartwatches. Microsoft invented the smartwatch category a decade ago by partnering with various watch manufacturers like Swatch, Casio, etc,. Those smartwatches used radio waves to get some basic data such as weather report, etc,. Later, Microsoft discontinued the platform due to poor adoption by consumers.

In the recent past, we have heard various rumors about Microsoft developing its own smart watch. WSJ reported that Microsoft has requested 1.5-inch displays from component makers as per an executive at a component supplier. Another report claimed that Microsoft’s smartwatch prototypes which are now being part of Surface team is making variety of removable wrist bands in blue, red, yellow, black, white, and grey colors for smartwatches. Also these prototypes were reported to be made of Oxynitride Aluminum, an expensive “translucent aluminum” that is said to be three times harder than glass. This reported smartwatch will work not only with Windows Phone devices, but with other Android and iOS devices as well.

If the above reports are true, then Microsoft is trying to make a vertically integrated product that will offer a great experience. At the same time, Google’s approach is to create a platform on which other OEMs will build variety of devices. As per Venturebeat’s report, Apple is also following the OEM model for the smartwatches.

Whatever their plans may be, Microsoft should act fast. They should not become a follower in yet another industry as they did in the past with smartphones and tablets.

Source: Venturebeat

  • LexicoRed

    If hard for the less thoughtful to admit it but Apple makes good hardware and it would benefit Microsoft to keep working closer with them to supply software and backend service. There is a great deal of profit to be made in that area plus any wise person sees MS is failing with there own hardware.

    • KelvBlue

      Failing home button, the grip of death and the easily bent aluminium frame, to name of a few issue. Their do not make good hardware, they do successfully selling their brand. Contrary to your believe Microsoft actually makes very good hardware.

      • LexicoRed

        Read again, it was never stated anywhere in my post a declarative statement about the Microsoft’s hardware build quality, there by confirming your place within the first eight worlds of the what I wrote and this reinforcing the post as a whole.

    • somyakomya

      Start working at home with Google! It’s by-far the>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO AND HELP

    • purrpullberra

      Apple stuff is good looking at first. Then it has to be covered up and protected or it will be broken garbage in a year. iPad, iPhone, iPods all look hideous or they’re covered in ugly protection.
      Not so with Surface.
      Microsoft is making better quality products when compared to Apple.
      What the public thinks is beside the point, they like Beats headphones! In reality Surface3 is turning things around.

      • LexicoRed

        Actually what the public thinks is the point because it is about making money. As a company it has consistently shown hardware is a money looser for the company. Sad but true. The good news is Software and Services is what the company excels at and does make money. Targeting other OS even at the loss of Windows devices will be good for the company.