Apple & Google Most Valuable Brands; Microsoft At 5th, Nokia Falls To 57th

Technology companies have come to dominate the Interbrand global survey of the world’s most valuable brands taken every two years.  Apple took the top spot ousting previous champion Coca-Cocla and Google took second.

Interbrand’s analysis puts Apple’s brand value at $98.3 billion, up 28% from last year.  Google is up 34% with its brand value at $93 billion. 

IBM placed 4th, Microsoft 5th, Samsung 8th, Intel 9th, and HP at 15th and Amazon at 19th.  Samsung and Amazon have rose considerably from the last survey while Microsoft only rose 5%.  Other notable brands include Cicso at 13, Oracle at 18, SAP at 25, Dell at 61, Facebook 52, Adobe at 79, Cannon at 35, Philips at 40, Nintendo at 67, and Panasonic at 68.

Sony fell considerably to 46th, from 40 previously and losing 8% of its brand value.  The PS4 may help gain some of its value back, but analysts fear it faces stiff competition from an arguably superior Xbox One.

Nokia took a huge tumble from 19th to last place at 57th.  It lost 65% of its brand value down to $7.4 billion, around the price Microsoft purchased a part of its company for.  Blackberry did not even make the list this year.

This is a notable year for the tech industry as the is the first time since 2000 that Coke has been knocked of its top spot.

Source: Interbrand

  • Yuan Taizong

    Yet Microsoft has a higher revenue and larger profitability than Google, Apple’s profits mostly come from their App Stores.

    • SocalBrian

      Apple’s profits do not, in fact, come mostly from their app stores. Not even close.

    • Asymgo

      That statement could not be further from the truth…Apple get majority of profits from iPhone. In fact the iPhone business alone is bigger the all of MSFT!

      What makes things really sad that this business should have been MSFT if Ballmer didn’t blow it like he did!

      • Bugbog

        You make it seem like hey, let me just release this item and I’ll rake in the dough!

        Let’s face facts here; Apple got lucky, period! And, despite the fact that they are currently raking it in, it’s a ‘One Device Horse!’

        It’s on the shakiest ground of all the listed technology companies in the top 10, likewise Google, with its advertising revenue, which as we should well be aware, is always subject to severe fluctuations.

        Microsoft may well not be ‘raking it in’, but it does have the widest lucrative portfolio of all the companies there!

        (Just look at Samsung, for instance, for all their industry groups, in which they make over $180 Billion per year in revenue, yet their profits only come to about $20Billion, the largest segment of which has, lately been smartphones. Microsoft make less than half of that (literally, and technically), but still matches/bests them in profits).

        So don’t keep churning out the mantra that Microsoft “missed the boat”. There are in fact multiple boats. And yes, they may have failed to catch one [properly], but they did meet/make many others.

      • Ben A

        bitch please MS R&D is larger than Apple iphone business and R&D put together.

  • Kruegerman

    It’s sickening that an advertising company is #2. Just goes to show how insane the world has gotten. Consumerism run amok. Everybody is screaming “Buy me! Buy me!”

  • TryllZ

    Need I say who the voters, let me give you a hint.

    iHeads and Droidheads….

    Thank You

    • SocalBrian

      This is not a “popularity contest” but is in fact an analysis by a company using a specific methodology. It’s not the ONLY way to look at these companies but it is ONE interesting way to look at these companies.

  • NGM123

    Google at number 2 ! Fk me sideways, the wolfs at the door !