Apple Removes Microsoft From Top Spot For Brand Perception In Japan

In 2012 Microsoft help the #1 spot for corporate brand perception in Japan.  This year Microsoft has fallen to third and Apple has gained the #1 spot for the first time.  Google has also moved from 8th to 5th.  According to Nikkei Research:

Apple saw a “greater willingness of businesspeople to recommend its products.  And the U.S. company continues to rank high in “originality and brand premium.”

The iPhone is selling well in Japan and the trend is expected to continue with the iPhone 5S.  More businesses and consumers are willing to recommend Apple products right now in Japan.  The No. 2 spot went to a Japanese company, Yamato Transport, a home delivery service.  Microsoft has a lot of work to do, but with the purchase of Nokia and increased innovation in the hardware space I believe Microsoft can regain the top spot when annual survey is done again next year.  But in a culture where tentacle porn, beta males, and bizarre TV shows are acceptable, it may be a tough challenge.

Source: CNET

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    > But in a culture where tentacle porn, beta males, and bizarre TV shows are acceptable, it may be a tough challenge.
    Are you out of your fcking mind?

    • nohone

      And that is incorrect? Someone I know from high school went to japan after graduating college to teach English to kids. She left after a few months and returned home because she was not Japanese, she was female, and she was lesbian. She was one of those people who thought everyone in the US hated her because of who she is, but had a new perspective of what hate really is from her time in Japan.

  • Yuan Taizong

    I’ll first address this part ”But in a culture where tentacle porn, beta males, and bizarre TV shows are acceptable, it may be a tough challenge.” There are 3 different reasons for this, although Tentacle porn has existed in Japan for around 1.400 years, its modern form has largely been adopted due white Americans imposing upon the Japanese that having a male reproduction organ in a film was ”undesirable” so they substituted it with something… ehh similar.

    Beta males constitute for a majority of men, anywhere, and upholding the perception that it’s men who can’t get a girl-friend is both extreme generalization and misandric, the term ”beta” means a non-leading man, any man under an Alpha male is a Beta, including otherwise successsful men with bosses, in their specific relationship the ”playboy” could be submissive towards ”a successful loser” (like Microsoft’s own Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer), any man under them would be a beta, similar how every American male is a beta male under their alpha (the leader), the president, and simply judging a man for his inability to achieve some status is part of the problem.

    Bizarre T.V. is practically the standard in Asia, no matter if it’s Japan, China, South-Korea, South-East-Asia, Hindustan (India, Pakistan & Bangladesh), Iran, Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Caucasia, West-Turkestan or any other place, Asians are bizarre, no exception, that’s what sells there, and that’s what they like.

    Now to the subject…

    What I find weird is that Gaikoku companies (companies ran by Gaijin) make the #1 of this list, especially Apple, you can see iPhones in any T.V.-show or -series (which is not different from the reset of the world), but knowing how much xenomisia (hate for foreigners) is ingrained in the Japanese mind, you would expect Imperial Sony Kabushiki-Gaisha’s phones to sell better, but it’s a rare sight to see a Sony Xperia in Japan, and they’re even called Sony-Ericsson Xperia’s because Japanese will only buy it if white people made it (similar how Americans only buy products by Non-Hispanic White-Americans, which is why they prefer the iPhone over the Asian Samsung Galaxy or Samsung ATIV).

    Apple’s main strenght has always been marketing, and judging from how popular white American T.V. is in the Japanese Empire, you would expect the Apple dominated Hollywood film to have given this perception 20 years ago, like China, the Philippines, South-Korea, Viet-Nam or any other place in the world, if someone is rich in Japan, they’re expected to own a Macintosh, iPod, iPhone and iPad, so these devices are more of a status symbol, this is why the Microsoft Surface must remain an expensive device, because many people look at price before specs, and don’t really care what’s on it, they just want to brag, even though most people in the Japanese Empire own a Windows P.C.-Clone (as Windows doesn’t fall under a legitimate P.C. unless it’s made by Lenovo).

    Apple in Japan seems unlikely to begin with, made in China for white Americans, it’s the type of product no Asian would want to be found dead with usually, this is where Apple’s marketing comes in, and this is where Japanese people are most vulnerable for.

  • Tips_y

    So the Japanese see Apple as ranking high in “originality and brand premium!??

    Isn’t the iPhone 5C nothing more than the old iPhone 5 dressed in multi-colored plastic to make it seem new again? How is THAT original?!!

    If that is how the Japanese perceive reality, it’s no wonder they have lost their edge in technology!

  • jaylyric

    Originality? Lmao,that’s just as a retarded comment as the delusional Tim Cook talking about companies copying Apple. We all know how original Apple is. 5C says it all..

  • tomakali

    Microsoft Removes iOS from second major Smartphone OS in India + many other countries…