Apple Siri Supports Microsoft Bing Along With Google

Bing Apple Siri

Apple’s Siri voice assistant feature supports Microsoft Bing search engine too. Danny Sullivan from Search engine land discovered it. When Siri can’t find the answer by itself, it does a web search automatically. Or else you can say “Search the web for …..” to perform a web search. Both of the above uses Google as the search engine. But you can ask Siri to do web search using Bing too. Just say “Search Bing for ….”. For example, “Search Bing for Steve Ballmer News” or “Search Bing for weather” or “Search Bing for Search Engine Land” gives the above search results.

Source: Danny Sullivan via: Search Engine Land

  • J A

    Its not like Apple had a choice; they have no search or cloud service of their own…er…um except iCloud, which is child’s play compared to what others have.