Apple Trying To Patent Surface Touch Cover Like Keyboard Accessory For iPad

Apple patent 1

Recently, we reported that Microsoft has patented the idea of gesture initiated keyboard accessory which is already on sale in the name of Touch Cover 2.

Gesture-initiated keyboard operations are described. In one or more implementations, one or more touch inputs that involve interaction with a key of a keyboard are identified. Touch inputs can be identified using touchscreen functionality of a display device or using one or more pressure-sensitive touch sensors. Based on this touch input(s), a gesture is recognized. The gesture is configured to initiate an operation that corresponds to at least one key that is not included in the keys of the keyboard. In one or more implementations, the operation is a shift, caps lock, backspace, enter, tab, or control operation.

Patently Apple today reported about a new Apple patent which described exactly the same idea. See the images below.

Microsoft Gesture keyboard
Microsoft Gesture keyboard

Apple patent 2


Patently Apple claims that Apple’s keyboard design differs from Surface Touch Cover with a wrong assumption because Surface Touch Cover can also act as Touchpad. Only difference is that, there is not separate touchpad in Apple’s design.

One of the aspects of this design which differentiates itself from Microsoft’s Surface tablet cover is that Apple’s keyboard has been uniquely designed to double as a multi-touch gesture keyboard eliminating the need for a touchpad.

Along with this gesture initiated keyboard, Apple is also trying to patent wireless keyboard accessory that can also act as a cover for the device and can be attached to it. It exactly describes the Surface Touch Cover/Type Cover concept. I’m not sure whether Apple will be awarded with this patent. What do you think?

via: Patently Apple

  • Bugbog

    It’s nice to know that Microsoft has now had the actual hardware in the market for almost two years now. So we definitely know what’s what!

  • troyrig

    Jony Ives seems to be liking what’s going on at Microsoft lately. Flattened ios now this.

    • Pookiewood

      Whaddayumean? Apple never copies!!!!! 😉

      • 1stkorean

        they just steal

        • Nham Thien Duong

          Steve Jobs was even open about this, like that time they stole from some company, and SUED Microsoft because they stole from a thief. (–_–)

  • jaylyric

    I hope that it gets denied. I hate Apple. Come up with your own shit. I understand that everyone sorta copies of one another in some way or another,but what gets under my skin is that companies like Apple,Samsung and LG like to act like or claim they did something first. I want it to get denied,but it’s Apple the invincible.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      They even got sued by the Government and got away with it, it just makes me hate Crapple more, morally they’re a bankrupt company, now their wallet should go where their morals are. (>_<) Microsoft support tonnes of charities, that's one of the reasons I love it, Microsoft F.T.W. 😀

  • MoeHD7

    Oh well it was fun while it lasted…now everyone is gonna start praising Apple and their “Innovation” even tho Microsoft came out with this first…..smh

    • kain0m

      Like the idea of the “slate computer”. Microsoft demoed such machines back in 2001, alongside XP I think…

    • NGM123

      Sad but true, the world is going to love Apples new invention, the tablet touch cover, and it’ll be a $250 Apple bargain as well.

  • perfectalpha

    It is going to be extremely critical for Microsoft to outline a vision for RT going forward. Android is vulnerable when it comes to tablets. They may be the leader, but look at the app quality. It is crap. I own a Nexus 10 (and Surface 2). The iPad isn’t a problem because they are just the profits leader, not the market share leader.
    I won’t play armchair quarterback, but it would be in their best interest to start putting their best products and design on the market, and update at a much more rapid pace to keep people excited.

    • donzebe

      I also think Microsoft should replicate and improve on the Xbox launching format with all their products. Repeating the Nokia style will not help.
      Marketing hold the key here.
      Apple will launch the keyboard as there have been no other and it will be available almost immediately in most major markets,

      • Prayaas

        One major problem you got right.
        Surface is available in few countries. It should be EVERYWHERE and there should be ads and marketing. People in my country don’t know something called Surface exists. Microsoft India’s president gives a silly argument that they think Surface is a premium product and they’re waiting and blablabla.
        If Apple comes up with this, EVERY SINGLE PERSON in my country will praise Apple for doing this and no one will recognize Microsoft was the one who did this and their solution’s still better (Admit it, for most people, Surface (not Pro) 2 is a full computer)

  • nohone

    Who was that guy that would, over and over, tell us that Microsoft was a failure because they allowed people the choice to use a keyboard with a tablet? Now we have Apple copying Microsoft’s “failures” (even though using a keyboard has been available with Apple tablets since day 1) and it will be called a great success that will propel Apple into the post-PC world and carve them out a new market that their competition has missed out on again.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      Yep, but that’s how the tech-media works, Crapple and Scroogle are always ”inovative” and ”Microsoft has never ever innovated” (I actually read the latter a lot, almost as if they deny Microsoft Research exists).

      • KimMurakabi

        What about the Microsoft “SmartBra” they got credit for that! My understanding, at the time of development it was specificly invented for Ballmer, him being such a dumb boob. Sadly he left before they could test the product on him to see if it worked.

    • Guest

      It was never the choice of a keyboard that was the failure, for laptop has been very successful in case you have forgotten. MSFT failure in the post PC world was not reconizing the differing “Jobs To Be Done” of tablets vs laptops.

      That said my friend, it is important to understand technology is not a Zero Sum game, that in fact Apple (or any other company’s) success does not have to be at MSFT failures and visa versa. MSFT success will be from doing what MSFT does well regardless of other companies.

      Good news is Nadella understands this and moving MSFT back to their roots as a Software and Service company first!

  • whatup12

    Interestingly, I went to the site and commented about this. they responded with a video of the type cover 2. I responded and said that I was noting the touch cover 2–and they deleted the comments. I honestly thought that this would be a meaningful way of engaging an apple fan, but just seems like comments are deleted when I don’t agree. I sent them an email, and hope that an honest conversation can take place…

  • Davey

    The American patent system seems to be so vague. Everyone patenting every tiny detail. No wonder there’s so much litigation.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      In those U.S.A. Patents don’t exist to ”protect the artist/author/inventor”, they mostly exist for corporate weaponry and to halt innovations.

  • j.r.

    Destroys John Ivey’s claim that he’s surrounded by crappy copies. Here they are copying MS.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      Apple has rarely innovated, the few times they did they immediately closed it (for example the digital camera) and then go on to copy others (the iPod, iPhone, and iPad). :-

      • Prayaas

        I’m sorry, as you know by now, I’m pretty much a Microsoft fan, but how was iPhone not an innovation? I’m talking about iPhone. From 2007.

        • Bugbog

          Because app-capable Smartphones (running windows mobile software) have been around since 2001 – 2003.

          • Prayaas

            Don’t fall for what those stupid iPhone fans say. iPhone in 2007 didn’t even have an app store.
            Even so, it was a huge innovation. It was the fastest and the most smooth UI. It was the first MAINSTREAM consumer phone with capacitive touch and gestures.
            It was the first to bet big on the cloud.

      • XBoxerOne

        Yes Apple is hardly ever the first with a good idea. What they deserve credit for is taking a good idea and finding ways to make them work for people. MSFT had tablets, smartphones, and music player first in the Windows ecosystem but Apple took these ideas and made them work well. I suspect the same will happen with wearables even though MS had smartwatch years ago. :(

  • poken1151

    The comment section on the source was sad. The article author was quite… decisive on his stance on what his research should be… the comments were then closed….

  • Habib Wakil

    None of this really matters if it gets rewarded or not…because, Microsoft and Apple have cross patent licensing agreements…so of course, when it comes out…Apple invented it!

  • 1stkorean

    Steve Jobs: Good artists copy great artists steal…OMG jobs is alive and still stealing from Microsoft