Apple’s iOS 7 Designed Using Microsoft Word? Check Out This Video

Right from the day it was revealed, iOS7 homepage got poor response due to its insane icon designs. Even though the OS underneath has got modern flat look, icons on the home screen created negative views on the new re-design.

A talented designer has now re-created the whole iOS7 home screen using Microsoft Word 2013. Yes, Microsoft Word 2013.

Watch the video above, it’s amazing.. You can even download the word file from

  • blackhawk556

    just realized I actually don’t know how to use Word. Lol

    • donzebe

      Lol, You are not alone.

  • mangy

    What do you expect from a company that started with a hacker…

  • Abraham

    can I achieve the same results using Google Docs?

    • Abl


      • NegLewis

        Definitely YES.
        But you end up with KitKat 4.4

  • Sugadevan

    The video actually just mean “Take that Gdocs” 😀

  • c0urtn3y

    (scratching my head) you could do all that with Word?

  • vmxr

    finally, now I know why they call it office professional

  • Bugbog

    I actually used Word for designing at work; it’s actually great if you want to produce some simple designs without getting into the whole hassle of obtaining full Photoshop (or learning how to use it!) :)

  • VonArmitage

    WOW, nice work. A double bladed word ad. Didin’t know you can do all that with a word.

  • Juned Jabbar

    Schwarzenegger has a new job?

  • Emily the Strange

    this guy really knows how to use the shapes in Word. its like he is showing people Word isnt just a notepad with couple toolbars that can make the text look nicer.
    this shows how powerful Word can be if you want with the vector stuff on it.
    it doesnt look hard, but you really need to think some stuff since its obvious Word is not inkscape or AI or CorelDraw. so its nice he took the time to create this video and show the world Word is actually more powerful than they think, and this is just a small part of it.

  • Vincent Haakmat

    Ehmm.. Word, you kidding me? So I don’t need to learn Photoshop.. wow.. This is almost the Easter egg of Word 2013:-)

  • elpadr1no

    I think this video is more of a demonstration of how powerful Word is. What!! I’m amazed. Microsoft gets no credit really!

  • SategB

    This is funny!!!!