Apple’s Poor Stats At iPhone 4S Launch Event


At today’s iPhone 4S launch event, Apple did some poor stat comparisons.

1) “We’re comparing to Windows 7 — it took 20 weeks to reach 10 percent of the Windows install base. It took Lion two weeks.”

Apple, you should know facts before doing such numbers. Windows 7 is a huge release that was delivered via boxes and OEM’s whereas Lion was a $29 software update or service pack or what ever it may be delivered as update via internet.

Also we have over 350 million Windows 7 PC’s as of now, there are totally 53 million macs worldwide.

2) They compared time to camera and time to take photo,etc with poor Android phones. Why not compare it with Windows Phones which are as fast as your iPhone 4S with iOS 5 ??

3) Smartphone OS market share: They took ComScore numbers released in  July research to show off so that there will be wider margin between iOS and Android platform.

4) Apple compared Sony’s original Walkman player that uses cassettes with iPods sales numbers. They said it took almost 30 years for Sony to sell 300000 Walkmans and Apple sells millions each year ! ! 

There are much to talk about their launch event ! !

  • Bassem Mazloum

    It’s an Apple event, what did you expect? They’re gonna try and make those investors as happy as possible. When you’re drinking the kool-aid, you’ll accept and believe anything. Or shun out what you don’t want to. Simple as that.

    • Impartial

      luckily people now know their lies and you just have to check their share price to see that we are now in the post-apple era, where lies and crap are no longer valid, thank god for M$ and their research labs for creating the best ecosystem out there, and this is just the begining! 

      • Dino

        believe me, apple fans are stupid enough to believe these lies.

        • Anonymous

          Apple fans don’t even know how to right click on mac, that says it all …. LOL

  • peter terry

    on the following url we see relative market share of osx and windows.  osx totals less a a cute 5%.
    i guess you could say the potential upside is huge!

  • Anonymous

    Can you blame them? Apple is desperate! Their OS is essentially useless and appeals only to a certain cult following. Plus this iPhone 4S they announced today is a huge disappoint to consumers. They need all the skewed statistics they can get.

  • Josè Daniel

    It’s expected, I mean, we’re talking about Apple after all. It’s still funny though that they compare Mac OS X Lion to Windows 7, instead of Windows 8 Developer Preview downloads. After all Windows 7 is to Snow Leopard, as Windows 8 is to Lion. Oh well …

  • Anonymous

    A better comparison would be Windows 7 SP1 install rate.

    • Mark Firemoon

      I think a good comparison would be Windows 8 developer preview.  I”m sure it was downloaded as many times as lion within the first 24 hours, more actually because Microsoft’s CDN partners are much better than Apple’s.  I had friends who had to wait days b/c apple servers couldn’t handle the load on update day.

  • Randy

    That’s the great thing about statistics.  You can spin it any way you want.

  • Anonymous

    A friend was telling me that on college campuses the iPhone is not the phone of choice anymore. It seems to be losing the “cool” factor among kids 20 and under. They don’t want the same phones their parents have.
    Now if Microsoft would just get off their ass and do some marketing towards the under 20 demo then they could…oh whatever….I’m done wishing for smart marketing from Microsoft. So sad. Maybe more retail stores will help.

    • Mark Firemoon

      Like Kin was intended to do before botched by carrier?

  • David

    Apple is joke. They think people are stupid!

    But the only one that is fool, stupid, and lame here is Apple itself.

    Stop insulting people (thinking they are stupid) with your lies and stupid stats.

    • Dino

      don’t under-estimate apple’s fans. with all the years i’ve seen these fanboys just following apple blindly without thinking. a lot of people are so stupid enough to follow just what apple say to them.

  • Leon1188sg

    OMG ! iphone 4s with ios 5 is ” EARTH-SHATTERING ” WOW!!!!