Archos Announces $149 Windows Tablet With Intel Quad-core Processor And HD Screen

Archos 80 Cesium

Archos has recently announced a ultra-cheap Windows tablet which will cost only $149. For $149, you will get 8-inch HD display, Intel Quad-core processor and it runs on Windows 8.1. Archos didn’t reveal any other details on this tablet. However, it is expected to feature 1GB RAM, 2MP cameras and mono speakers.

Archos 80 Cesium 1

Archos is just one of the many Windows tablets that will come for dirt cheap prices this holiday season. Are you looking forward to buy these Windows devices?

  • redtidal

    Sigh, another 16:10 screen.

    Still waiting for a 8″ 4:3 or (3:2) screen. That will be ideal as an companion device for my 15.6″ laptop.

    Microsoft, please revive Surface Mini.

    • iamwarpath

      I don’t mind the ratio as much as the resolution.

      • redtidal

        that too. might be a cost reason. but make the whole thing rather undesirable. but i suppose there is always market for cheap stuff.

        • iamwarpath

          Very true, just hearing a Windows 8 tablet at $149 will get buyers.

    • Wieland

      I feel with you. Bet a Surface Mini would let everything else look like scum.

    • Ryan T

      You want a Windows PC as a companion to your Windows PC?

      • redtidal

        they have different uses.

        reading e-book will be easy on 8″ rather than on a laptop.

        i can take 8″ for a quick trip to coffee shop or work during a short flight, rather than hauling around a full size laptop.

        better for kitchen.

        play a quick game to kill some time rather than start a laptop.

        longer battery

        i can think of many other reasons.

    • Ray

      4:3 8″ device is coming. Stay tuned.

  • iamwarpath

    I’m not sure who considers 1200×800 HD but it is not me. Also, why is it showing a WP8 home screen if it is meant to be a Windows tablet?

    • b4rtw

      Its above ‘x720’. So not full HD but much like HD ready TV’s?

      • iamwarpath

        You get a +1 for that but it is a crappy resolution.

        • b4rtw

          For $149?! Don’t agree….

    • donzebe

      Windows / WP OS, need devices of all variety and price range.

      • iamwarpath


  • Rob

    I wonder why it is showing up as Windows Phone?

    • robertwade

      I saw that and thought the same thing. Renders are a horrible thing.

    • Carlxyz

      The $99, 4-inch phone runs Windows Phone 8.1, and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quad-core processor.

  • donzebe

    Nice to learn of a new windows or WP product announced every month, Now we will like to see them released to the market.