Art Center College of Design Students Explore Microsoft Surface Blades Concept (Video)

We wrote about Microsoft’s idea of creating Surface Blades for different purposes last month. During the second generation Surface launch event held last month, Microsoft announced the Surface Remix Project which showed how you could click in a specially designed Touch Cover that let you remix your favorite songs and share them with the world. Even though it is limited to music for now, it shows that productivity can go various other ways, not just click in keyboards.

Microsoft realized that this concept has a great potential and they visited Art Center College of design to meet students for a three day workshop where students were asked to imagine different blades concepts. Microsoft refers the Cover you click in to Surface as blades. The Surface Remix Project has a music blade and there could be many other blades for various other purposes. Microsoft released a short video to show how students at
Art Center College of Design thought about their own Surface Blade ideas.

Today, Art Center College of Design released a detailed video showing how their students came up with Surface Blades concept starting from simple pencil sketch to mockups, etc. Watch the video above and realize the future potential of Surface Blades concept.

  • cybersaurusrex

    Blades are a brilliant idea on Microsoft’s part, and might actually attract developers & creative types to the platform & to the Surface.

    • Guest

      Yes, but they need to license it out aggressively and get more options out there and at lower prices. Otherwise Apple or one of its 3rd party accessory suppliers will do so and get credit for having invented it, at least in the minds of consumers.

  • p0kes

    As much as I like the blades approach I think they should create a general multi purpose blade that a touch sensitive e-ink blade. You can then load up different blade types via software.
    Clearly they might not work as well as the single purpose blades but they would attract the general consumer more. This then allows Developers to get creative with blade types and opens up the app store to sell software blades.

    • pdouglas

      All MS has to do is come out with a touch screen blade, and they would be able to create countless virtual blades, soft key layouts, virtual controls etc. (This thing would be an especially big hit in Asian countries, and other countries whose languages do not use the latin alphabet.) E.g. if you are using Excel, a custom keyboard would make more sense than a standard keyboard. If someone is working on a musical app, dynamic, more intuitive custom controls, would be preferred by users than a blade with a static, cryptic design. If you are playing a video game, using virtual controls that better match the aesthetics of the game, and their function within a game would be greatly desired. The possibilities of a single blade, that could be used in countless scenarios, would be far more appealing economically to users.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    How about a blade that can couple two surfaces together. Hey presto, you’ve tot the courier!

  • reKitab

    The iBlade for the iPad would’ve set the tech blogosphere on fire. It would’ve been the best thing since sliced bread:) imho!