As Dell Continues XPS 10 Windows RT Tablet, Microsoft Becomes The Only Windows RT OEM For Now

Dell XPS 10 Windows RT Tablet

Microsoft first announced Windows on ARM project 2 years back. Since then, they branded it Windows RT and started licensing it to OEMs. In fact, Microsoft itslef has become Windows RT OEM. Since its launch in October 2012, Windows RT devices are struggling to find a place in the fastest growing tablet market. Asus and Samsung discontinued their Windows RT efforts soon after the poor market reception. Lenovo was selling Yoga 11 Windows RT devices until it released Yoga 11S Intel based device. Dell and Microsoft continued selling XPS 10 and Surface RT devices respectively. Today, Dell has also announced that XPS 10 product is unavailable. And they have suggested Intel based Latitude 10 as a comparable system.

So, the only Windows RT tablet you can buy in the market right now is Microsoft Surface RT. In the near future, Surface 2 from Microsoft is getting released. Other than that, I don’t think any other Windows RT device is coming to the market. However, Dell responded regarding XPS 10 with the below information,

“We’re going to be announcing our full tablet portfolio at the event in New York next week and will be providing full details then.”

Will Dell announce a XPS 10 Windows RT tablet successor? Or they will release a Bay Trail based XPS 10?

Source: Dell

  • eharris560

    from day one I said MS should be the only one making RT tablet. I believe RT is one of those products that should be handle in house. It needs and deserve special attention. Something like Xbox

    • Guest

      Well, you got your wish. Unfortunately, it now leaves a perception that the OS is DOA.

      • SocalBrian

        That $900 million write down in unwanted Surface RT hardware didn’t help the perception any.

        • Duel

          And very likely surface 2 going to have same future

          • nohone

            When the Mac sells poorly, the Apple fans claim that Apple is not after money or market share, that Apple just wants to create a good product. (and then go on to brag about profits and number of sales of the iPhone)
            Microsoft is not trying to sell in masses, they just want to create a good, quality product. There, now you cannot complain about the sales because they are trying to do what Apple does with their computers.

          • SategB

            The thing is Why can’t MSFT make a profit rather then taking near billion dollars write down

          • nohone

            It is obvious you do not know what Microsoft did with the $900M. And since I told you a number of times what that was, but you still refuse to listen, there is no reason to explain it to you once again.

          • Guest

            Wow, two demonstrated trolls for the price of one.

        • Guest

          No shit, captain obvious.

      • eharris560

        There’s no perception of death when it’s veiwed as being dead already. It like saying it’s dead, but now it REALLY dead. Lets stop fooling ourselves. The average customers doesn’t hear these announcements. All MS has to do is keep running those commercials.

  • Wtechrover
    • efjay

      If accurate it will be interesting to see how the sales of each device compare, though with LTE onboard I think the Bay Trail one will be more expensive tilting sales in the RT’s favour.

  • jaylyric

    Please fix the title of the article. Discontinued not Continues..

  • PoohGQ

    I’m the only one who clicked on this story because of the confusing title?? Please conrrect the title, Pradeep!

  • PoohGQ

    With Microsoft’s $2 billion investment to help them go private, I don’t think Dell will abandon Windows RT yet!

  • Yuan Taizong

    Again, Windows R.T. came way too early to the market, Windows R.T. needs to get more apps as Windows 8 first (which has 4.000.000 apps on the desktop Vs. a way smaller number in the store), then it could ditch the desktop on smaller-purpouse devices, Microsoft is just not doing a great job having a standalone R.T. today, get it off the market, wait one or two years and put it back on the market, as it is essentially Windows 8 it would receive the same (level of) support as any other P.C. and it wouldn’t be harmful, Windows R.T. just needs to get a level of apps before returning, possibly 500.000.