As Free ‘FIFA 14’ Xbox One Pre-order Bundle Has Sold Out, Microsoft To Offer New Bundle With Forza 5

Xbox One FIFA 14

Microsoft announced that all Xbox One pre-orders in Europe will come bundled with FIFA 14 as a free game. This was a great news to target general consumers in Europe. It seems, only the day one edition of Xbox which got sold out in almost all the retailers in Europe will offer FIFA 14 for free. Since Microsoft has made a promise that “all pre-orders of Xbox One will ship with FIFA 14 in Europe.”, even though the FIFA 14 bundle got sold out, Microsoft is planning to offer Forza 5 as a free game.

According to the statement offered by Microsoft to The Verge,

“Due to unprecedented demand, the Xbox One Day One Edition with FIFA 14 is nearly sold out, but is still available at certain retailers,” says a Microsoft spokesperson. The company is making another pre-order bundle available in the UK, with Forza Motorsport 5 replacing FIFA 14 for new pre-orders. “These are only on pre-orders for the Day One Edition bundle which are in limited supply at selected retailers in the UK,”

If I were given a choice, I would have selected Forza 5 bundle over FIFA 14!

Source: The Verge

  • Nicolas Morellet

    “If I were given a choice, I would have selected Forza 5 bundle over FIFA 14!”

    Me to :(

    • Albert

      Don’t play FIFA and football is not as popular in Australia as motor racing, looks like I will need to find someone that wants my copy.
      Wish we could of picked between the 2.

      • Truths101

        your crazy..aus is huge into fifa!

  • J88NYr


  • Tommy Lindegaard

    Muhahahaa, I haven’t preordered yet, but may will when the Forza edition gets available 😛 (just need to find an online store that ships to Denmark)

  • Ed Harrison

    FWIW – I’d pre-ordered a day one edition from Game in the UK when they first came out. This was then “upgraded” to the Fifa bundle when that was announced by MS. When I heard about the Forza deal, I emailed Game and they happily changed my pre-order to Forza instead.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Good, people all over the internet yelling that the Xbox One is a major flop, already sold out at many places, even with FIFA 14, ¿how are there 14 games of that? I’m European and I don’t play football-based video-games, Forza is way better than FIFA 14, car-based games are something you can’t simply do in your own home-town if you live in a big place, everybody can play football whenever they wish.

    Also this is great news for developers, this means that they’ll have a large audience to ship apps to, especially Indie game-developers.

  • Chum lee

    Hello Microsoft what about Canada and the United States where’s are free game this is bullshit I should just get a ps4

    • Guest001

      I understand your frustration, but you must also understand that the xbox that you are getting is “capable of so much more” than what we are getting in Europe. The same with the Xbox 360 currently.