As Microsoft Bing Turns Five, What’s Next For Microsoft’s Bing Platform

Bing New Logo

Microsoft Bing turns five today. Microsoft rebranded Live Search as Bing on June 3rd 2009 with a fresh approach to search helping people to do more, not just search more. Microsoft today thanked the millions of people who use Bing every day. Microsoft said that they never forget that what they build isn’t just for the sake of computer science or commerce but because it can positively impact people in ways we’ve only barely dreamt of. So what’s next for Bing? Read it below.

What’s Next:

The idea of launching a browser, going to a website, and typing in a search box? That’s so 2009. The best is not yet to come but on the imminent horizon. As the world of devices constantly changes and new form factors come into play there will be a need to better use information, either by seeking it out or having it pushed to you, and take action. Bing has shifted its focus to be in position to be the search for this new, changing world.

You should expect relevant information to come to you when and where you need it. You should expect experiences to adapt to you and your context, instead of the other way around. You should expect proactive experiences that anticipate what you need. You should expect information to be actionable for what you need at home or work. Only Bing and Microsoft can provide all of this, and we couldn’t be more excited for the next five years and beyond.

Read more about the evolution of Bing since its launch here.

  • Azjerei

    What about expanding ALL of the features to other countries? For example, comparing the page here in Sweden to the one in the US shows vast differences. Fix those things first please!

  • Igor Pureta

    Oh, please, please, give us that ‘so 2009’ experience ASAP in some useful manner. Thank you in advance!

  • Robert Sims

    Why cant we get things like bing rewards in the UK?? It seems the USA gets all the benefits while the rest of the world do all the work. When will Microsoft realise this and become a truly global thinking company.

  • cybersaurusrex

    Bing has really left a dent in Google in the US (~30%), but Microsoft needs to take it global.

  • reKitab

    My dear Bing, happy birthday! You’ve been my parther 100% since we tied the knot five years ago, and I swear, I’ve never cheated on you with GOOGLE, and pledge I total loyalty:) Hope our partnership flourishes for a long time to come!

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    Bing should be the DO-it-all-Search-Engine and power whatever they can get their hands on, Search hasn’t expanded in all potential markets yet, Microsoft needs to be early. 😀

  • Kaino

    As others have mentioned. Unless they start giving EVERYONE all the features and stop essentially making this a US only choice, it won’t get far.

  • Jason Kohlhoff

    I wrote a PowerShell script that runs Bing searches to collect my daily Bing Rewards
    credits by automating Internet Explorer. The script is mature and has been tested
    very thoroughly by myself and several of my friends and colleagues. If you’re
    familiar with PowerShell, please feel free to give it a try.

    The latest version will always be available for download here:

    Please tell your friends and family to use Bing!