As Windows XP Shrinks, Windows 7 & 8 Make Gains

As Windows XP approaches end of life on April 8th, 2014 it is starting to lose market share in the enterprise.  According the Net Applications, Windows XP lost 2% market share from last month while Windows 7 gained 0.8% to 46.53% and Windows 8 gained 0.61% to 8.02% market share.  

Windows 8.1 hold 0.85% market share, quite impressive when you consider the entire Linux market share is 1.66%.

Source: Net Applications

  • nohone

    So Win 8/8.1, the OS that some here like to say is DOA, a failure, that nobody wants, etc. has surpassed all versions of Mac combined. And a point that is even better, especially for one specific person who likes to troll here, Win 8/8.1 has 5.7 times the number of users of Linux users.
    But don’t you get confused, Microsoft needs to stop selling Windows and start supporting Ubuntu, otherwise they are finished!

    • Yuan Taizong

      Yep, and let’s not forget that that Linux share also includes Google’s 2 desktop O.S.’es Google Chrome O.S. & Google Chromium O.S. which both are ”the best-selling Linux devices” , I’ve been seeing irritating Google Chromebooks commercials all over YouTube, this actually proves that even over-advertising doesn’t help sell products if they’re bad. As for Ubuntu, it’s now the #3 most-used Linux, Mint is the new #1, I guess many Linux users finally admitted that Ubuntu sucks.

      Something also interesting is how the Windows Store surpassed the number of apps in the Mac App Store in mere months. I guess Microsoft must then unbundle the Windows Store and implement Steam or just give up and start KaoTao’ing to Macs (what you can read on every media site).

      Something people in comment-sections forget to mention is that most people will only uptake YouTube-style troll commenting when they’re genuinly not happy with the purchased product, and the majority of the Windows 8-users who are really happy won’t go up and praise it, I only started defending it after everywhere I went I saw idiots proclaiming ”the rise of Macs” and as someone who has had 3 Macs and realized they really suck I had to defend Windows 8, but if these numbers prove anything is that I can let them troll without defending it, the numbers will speak for themselves, and after a while they realise that they’re powerless to fight W8.

      • reKitab

        Say it again, Yuan. Macs are nice to look at, but boring to work with,

        • donzebe

          Mac machine is like a beautiful chair with no seats

      • Emily the Strange

        My sister likes Ubuntu because Mint restarts her netbook when she is doing important things. she gets mad about her boyfriend telling her to try Mint. so funny, then sometimes my dad would be like “thats why you need Windows” and she gets mad, but at least Windows wont suck and restart her machine all the time.
        So Ubuntu sucks but you know, its what work for some people apparently lol
        but its funny the “year of Linux” and it never happens.
        also the new “steam OS” and people are already saying that it will be the end for Microsoft and Windows? you know… not everygame will be on steam OS, even steam for Linux and mac had less marketshare! the only ones growing were win7 32 bits and win8 32 and 64 bits.
        and steam could have made an App for win8 easily, they could have even made a partnership with Microsoft or something, in the end Steam on Windows is the ones that give Valve money no? if it was for the other platforms, steam would be dead.
        even Windows 8.1 which isnt released yet, has some marketshare, so its funny when people say its the end of Microsoft when it keeps selling.
        oh and my favorite thing for them to say “but it coms bundle with every new computer, its hard to find a Win7 computer anymore” lol please…. its not like Windows 7 didnt come with a laptop or pc or netbook and then everyone upgraded their xp and vista to 7… they seem to forget thats how win8 sells and gets alot of money, but people magically seems to forget that Windows bundled is the way everyone “upgrade” their OS.

  • Yuan Taizong

    I’m honestly impressed by the marketshare Windows 8.1 (Blue) has booked Vs. Linux and especially Windows 8 Vs. Macs, any time anyone says that Windows 8 is a failure I just point out that more people use it compared to Macs and then either they’ll use some iCult sensless defense or they succumb to the fact that Windows 8 has more features, more apps and better services. + it’s more popular.

  • SlipSlop

    Are these stats for the “Enterprise” only?

  • tomakali

    Microsoft can boost the market share with bundle offers…
    All License will get a free WP Handset
    New Enterprise License – Lumia worth $300
    New Professional License – Lumia worth $200
    Upgrade License – Lumia worth $100

  • cybersaurusrex

    Windows 8/8.1 grew a total of 1.2 points last month (0.6 each), so more than Windows 7’s 0.8. A lot of these articles seem to keep missing that.
    My question is, will Microsoft be forcing upgrades to Windows 8.1… or are we going to have two different 8.x OSes competing with each other?

  • tomakali

    Microsoft should release Free service pack for windows XP
    update should be a full fledged Windows 8.1 pro trial version
    anyway Windows XP has got less than 24months of End of Life period
    its better to jump into Windows 8.1 on a full functionality trial…
    I hope 70% of the Windows XP hardware can run Windows 8.1 without touch…