Asus Announces Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Competitor Transformer Book T300 Chi, 7.3mm Thin With LTE Included

Asus Transformer Book Chi
Image Credit: CNet

At COMPUTEX, Asus today announced Transformer Book T300 Chi claiming to be the “world’s thinnest 12.5-inch detachable tablet.” This will compete directly against recently announced Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It is a 12.5-inch tablet with a 2,560 x 1,440 touch screen display, built-in LTE and “next-generation” Intel Core processors and comes with an keyboard dock. It is just 14.3mm (0.56 inch) with the dock and 7.3mm (0.29 inch) thick for just the tablet which is impressive than a Surface Pro 3. The only bad news is that Asus is not providing any availability and pricing details for now. My guess is that it will come in October-November time frame for US holiday season.


asus_transformer_book_T300_chivia: Engadget

If you still prefer Surface Pro 3, Pre-order it from Microsoft Store today.


  • Wieland

    Looks exciting! It would have been interesting, if Asus put a 1080p screen in it, rather than the 1440p one. This could have resulted in a lower price point, without a bigger loss of quality – 1080p still looks good on ~13″!
    And I’m interested, whether they beat the 800g of Surface Pro 3.

    • PulloGorko102

      You don’t even know what the price would be and you mention price…..tsk tsk

  • vmxr

    I love what Microsoft did to these lazy OEM’s with surface line now everyone jumping around doing their best work

    • cr_buck

      Ah. That brings back memories of the good ole E-Machines. Bring them home and they kill you with advertisements and break in a week.

  • cr_buck

    I think I’m going to stick with my Surface Pro 3 pre-order.

    Asus makes some compelling products but they lack commitment. I bought a laptop from them with Vista and a year later Windows 7 came out but no driver updates and even my original Vista drivers were flaky. I bought a newly released ROG board from them and 6 months later Windows 8 came out. My drivers work fine but all the advanced software doesn’t. The advice of Asus, buy the newest, slightly modified Windows 8 version for another $350. Have a problem with a new $400 motherboard and offer advanced replacement with cross shipping, but the board dies in 3 weeks and they will only send me refurb and no exceptions.

    I have purchased Microsoft products that are coming up on nearly a decade old that I can still get the latest drivers for. I bought a Surface Pro for me and Surface RT for my wife. Both keyboards had cosmetic problems but still worked fine. The Microsoft store nearby replaced both without question. I encountered a bug in the way the keyboard would dock and undock causing problems with the losing the keyboard. I happened to be in the Microsoft store and showed them. They said they would report it in to engineering and a month later an update was released to fix the problem that exactly matched the problem.

    Each person’s experience is different but Microsoft has treated me much better. I like Asus’s products but until they can improve on their commitment level I’m not fully behind them.

    • Wieland

      I encountered a lot of defects and quality issues, according to asus mobile products in my near circumstances, with mostly horrific customer support experiences.

      • cr_buck

        I have heard of that and have been fortunate to not encounter it in a bad way. They have some amazing engineering prowess but just never seem to stick with something long enough to really get it to fully take off. It’s like they come up with amazing idea and before they make it stellar they just kinda go, meh. If they could resolve their support, both for returns and bug fixes, they could be a killer company. At this point, I have stopped waiting for Asus to fully realize their potential.

      • Tirinti

        I bought G73 gaming notebook and it broke after 15 months and their support claimed that it was caused by using battery pack that was older than a year. They offered me to repair the notebook if I buy a new battery pack from them.

  • hushv

    Vaporware. Until it’s ready for purchase, I’ll just say BULLSHIT!

    • lombardia

      indeed… All these companies (Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus) can keep announce anything, even announce themselves making Starship Enterprise, but as long as they won’t sell it in Indonesia, it’s BS at best!

    • lombardia

      or any other countries outside US

      • Bugbog

        Exactly. I’ve noticed a lot of announcements of new devices from OEM’s over the last two years but only a fraction of them ever reach [timely] global availability. Yet I can go into any store and see multiple models & SKU’s from the same OEM of dreadful Android tablets that I wouldn’t even purchase for a 6year old!

    • Bugbog

      I think I’ll have to agree. Looks like a place holder that won’t be available till either Christmas or early next year.

  • 5Lk9m2Q7NR

    16:9? dealbreaker now because we have SP3

  • Willem Evenhuis

    what about stylus support. Any mention on the battery life?

    • reKitab

      Yeah, any stylus support?

  • cybersaurusrex

    That’s a nice looking machine…

  • jaylyric

    No matter if you get this or the SP3, I think that Asus deserves much credit for this design. It shows that put a lot of effort into this beautiful device. At least from the looks of it.

  • S_A_R_K_I_S

    guessing that’s a non working Prototype….those long holes there are really really rough!
    As hushv said further down on the posts, it’s vapourware until we see a working demo unit.
    But, I would say OEM’s are finally starting to walk and not drag their feet. ITs great to Microsoft to show them a direction on what path hardware needs to look like, saying that there is only so much you can do with a flat piece of glass 😀
    Hope to see more from OEMs in the future.

    • Bugbog

      Most OEM’s are still dragging their feet, [IMO] only Lenovo and Asus are actually trying to push the envelope for Windows 8 tablets & hybrids.

      • S_A_R_K_I_S

        It’s a start that Asus and Lenovo and Acer have started, everyone else will follow the band wagon sooner or later or be left out to keep selling android pc’s which no one is buying.

  • NegLewis

    Once OEM’s will start build tablets… people will realize they really need a slim laptop a tablet and a SmartPhone.
    There is only one form factor that can serve all 3. 7-8″ W8 Tablets.

    I hope Intel will be able to release their PROMISE Core CPU’s asap.

    I just want a 8″ slim tablet with HDMI + 3 USB and 128 GB SSD (+ 1 TB Flash build in as a single SSD).

  • Guest

    how come a tablet can be a full PC competitor?

  • PulloGorko102

    I enjoy my Asus T-100 Transformer Book, very nice tablet/laptop combo. In 2 years I will buy another Asus 2 in 1.