Asus Announces ROG GX500 Gaming Laptop With 4K Screen And NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M Graphics

Asus GX500 Gaming

Along with the announcements about mainstream consumer focused devices, Asus also announced ROG GX500 gaming focused Windows laptop yesterday. The device will come with display resolution of 3840×2160(4K) measuring 15.6” (so 280 PPI). It measures at just 19mm (0.75 inch) thick and 2.2kg (4.85 pounds). Inside the device, you will find latest 4th gen Intel Core i7 processor along with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M graphics. Also it will feature Asus VisualMaster technology for 100% NTSC. The device is expected to launch in Q3. Looks like a viable Razor Blade competitor.

Asus GX500

  • Tirinti

    Does it have touchscreen or is it obsolete Windows 7 hardware?

    • Stewie

      Touchscreen, really? I don’t think any serious gamer (I include myself in that category) is bothered by a lack of touchscreen. Touchscreen games are for phones and tablets. Using mouse and keyboard or a game controller means the screen is not obscured and more complex games can be played. Battlefield 4 ‘touch’ edition anyone?!

      • Ruufus

        True but available touch for when one is not game.

  • James Waymire

    By far the biggest mistake I see the laptop manufacturer’s making is adding 3K and 4K resolution screens to machines powered by the weakest of the new GPU’s. Even the 880m with 8GB would have some issues running many games at max settings on a 3k or 4k screen. I get the fact that we are moving to sleeker more powerful laptops. But give them at least a 870m with 6GB, or an 880m with 8GB if you want to call them “Gamin Laptops” and actually be playable at the monitors default resolution.

    • 212313

      I’m sure more high end GPUs will also increase battery drain which contradicts what an Ultrabook is made for in the first place. I’m sure the standard ROG laptops are also still in production with new GPUs with more power and more adequate cooling for those parts

  • Mark Matheson

    Time for me to start crapping money.

  • Ruufus

    Humans are never satisfied. Don’t think it measures up? Here’s a cup, a string and a ball – now make a game with hours of entertainment.

    • Farhan

      If you feel humans are never satisfied what makes you think a cup, string, and ball will change anything?

      • Ruufus

        It was sarcastic comparison to the simple child’s toy.

    • James Waymire

      The point of an open market is that we don’t have to settle. There are plenty of other options to satisfy. Just because a product comes out doesn’t mean it actually does anything very well or satisfies any of its target audiences needs. Check the MSI GS60 or GS70 or even the Gigabyte P35W v2 for how to create a ultrabook style gaming laptop.