Asus Announces UX21 and UX31 Ultrabooks

At an event in New York, Asus CEO revealed two new Ultrabooks from Asus called UX21 ans UX31. They will be mentioned as Zenbooks by Asus. The 11.6-inch UX21 with 128GB SSD will cost  $999, while the 13.3-inch UX31 with a Core i5-2557M processor will cost  $1,099.  This is $100 more than the comparably spec’d Acer Aspire S3. You can find the detailed specs in the table below. These Zenbooks will be on sale from Oct-12th.


via: Verge

  • Rk_21

    want one!!

  • Son of Kruegerman

    Great resolution for those screen sizes. Finally somebody other than Apple gets it.