Asus complains of slow ramp up for Windows 8 touch notebooks


Asus’s Chief Financial Officer David Chang has complained of poor demand for their Windows 8 laptops.

“Demand for Windows 8 is not that good right now,” said he said, noting that demand ramp-up for Windows 8 touch notebooks was slow.

Asus has been less vocal in their criticism of Windows 8 than Acer, and has produced a number of low-cost Windows 8 touch devices, so their statement should likely be taken seriously. Their delay of the high-end Asus Taichi may be a consequence of this experience.

Microsoft is however in the midst of a $1.5 billion marketing campaign for the OS, which will hopefully educate the public as to the advantages of the OS and stimulate sales, and increased penetration after Christmas should also help normalize the new UI and help ameliorate concerns the general public has about the OS.

Read more at the WSJ here.


  • WT

    If they release there Transformer Book with discrete graphic I will be picking one up right now … The slow ramp is due to these OEM not producing/releasing product ppl actually want to buy.

    Come on, my $$ is ready just waiting for the right product to spend it on … so quit complaining.

    • Ef Jay

      Got it in one!

    • vba

      So true. I mean, note that they are specifically referring to touch notebooks. Of course they are selling slow, everyone wants the new form factors, which you are slow to release, Asus!

    • GG002

      EXACTLY what I’m waiting for! Give me discrete graphics in the keyboard dock and my monies are all on Asus!

  • surilamin

    The truth is most of us either bought a SurfaceRT or are holding out for a Surface Pro.

    • GG002

      So true, so true. I was having high hopes for touch laptops/hybrids, but Intel HD4000, what the heck! Can’t replace my Envy 14 and its discrete graphics with that crap!

    • The__Truth__Hurts

      Even the Surface is a “flop” (not really).

      If I could get a Surface RT with a 11.6 inch 1080p display, 128GB storage, Stylus and type cover that could run Office 365 (basically run outlook), In a heartbeat I would have on already.

      But what do I get? a $700 Surface 64GB RT. I have to spend /additional/ $130 to get the cover I want and then I have a (STUPID) cover I will NEVER use! I can’t get a $600 64GB and buy the cover I WANT!!! Also, there is no outlook for RT, which is another bugger and if I want that, I need an x86 tablet which is (bluntly) far more power than I need/want.

      The only device I’m heavily looking at is the HP Envy x2. I can walk out spending between $750 to $780 for it. 11.6 inch display, PHYSICAL KEYS, and can run Office 365.

      • GG002

        Don’t complain, the 64GB Surface RT costs $906 here in Europe with Touch Cover. Btw, I love the cover, I type nearly as fast on it as I do on my laptop’s Logitech keyboard peripheral. I do wish Surface RT had 1080p screen, though. Still, my Surface RT (32GB) has stolen much of my Envy 14’s attention, both at home and especially on the go. It has nearly everything I use most of the time, except Lightroom/PS.

        • The__Truth__Hurts

          I’m not complaining about price. I’m complaining that there is no 64GB ONLY option (without cover).

          The reason why I put my previous tablets on a shelf and not touched them again was because of no physical keyboard. (Or a great fusion of the tablet and physical keyboard).

          I tried the touch cover and in no way, could it replace the type cover (for me).

          To put it bluntly, If I could get an Surface RT with a Qualcomm S4 1.5 GHz quad core cpu, 2GB memory, 128GB storage, 8MP rear cam w/flash, 1080p front cam, 1080p display (11.6 inch), Stylus, Type cover, full office (office 365 support and/or outlook support) for say… $850…? I would have ordered it the second the pre-order went live.

          Yes, Surface RT is a great tablet, no doubt, but if it just packed that hardware, those options, that software, it would have easily became the best choice out there PERIOD.

          And that is my complaint/frustration. There is so many great products. But they just seem “half baked”. If they just went a slightly bit further, you could just have mounds upon mounds of (simply) killer products.

          Surface RT: 11.6 inch 1080p display, 1.5 GHz quad core S4, 2GB memory, 128GB storage, 8MP w/ flash, 1080p front cam, stylus, type cover, full office support: $850

          Surface Phone: 5.5 inch 1080p display, 1.5 Ghz quad core S4, 2GB memory, 128GB storage, 8MP w/flash, 1080p front cam, stylus: $850

          Those would (simply) be the only two devices I would carry on me all times. And honestly? I don’t think I would be the only one out there who wants devices like those.

  • disqustingtard

    Dear Asus, if you are unhappy with your sales performance then please make better products. Sincerely, people with money wondering why the market is full of shit PCs.

    • GG002

      Asus, Acer.. are they twins by any chance?

      • IIMurphaII

        Many years ago, some engineers left Acer to create Asus. The end.

        • GG002

          No wonder they both whine so much!

    • deathdealer351

      OEM selection sucks

  • Rich

    I finally convinced a friend of mine to buy an ASUS Vivobook, then she couldn’t find it available anywhere. I don’t know what this guy is complaining about.

  • SCOOBY_666UK

    Not surprised – U’d have 2 be lucky 2 find one – ONLY then can U purchase one.

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    In all honestly, the problem is them. The OEMs. I will say, they have stepped up the game MASSIVELY over the past several years.

    For example, what Asus needs to do with Windows 8, Windows 8 tablet/laptop thingies is do this:

    Asus Transformer ARM: Make the Android & Windows hardware “identical”. Only difference is one has Windows, one has Android.

    Asus Transformer Atom: This could be infract, identical to the ARM, except pack an Atom CPU.

    Asus Transformer “iPowered”: Ultrabook? Tablet? Tablet/hybrid? Only one device: A Transformer-like form factor, but with a keyboard dock. That replaces 3+ different devices and form factors. Offer from 720p to 1440p displays, 2 to 8GB memory, i3 to i7 CPU’s, 64GB to 512GB SSD.

    What they need to do is: FEWER DEVICES, MORE OPTIONS!

    I wouldn’t mind getting something with a 1440p display, 2.0 Ghz i7, 8GB memory, 512GB SSD. The problem is nobody has that combination!

  • Dig The Noise

    Everything on the shelf right now seems to be rehashed “made for Win 7” PCs and laptops. I had the same machine they’re selling in the store after I paid $40 for my Windows 8 upgrade.
    I see all of these wonderful tablets and convertibles being reviewed, but they’re not in my local stores. Granted, I live in a rural area … Chicago … but even so, I would hope to see these mythical machines in one of my local stores (Best Buy, Compusa, Frye’s etc.) to check out.

  • IIMurphaII

    I blame the OEMs. Slow to release products. Low volume/availability of released products. Designs that, for no real reason, and that otherwise would have been perfect, omit such a necessary feature. Products that don’t quite hit the right price point, etc. Could go on and on..

    • The__Truth__Hurts

      The OEMs don’t need to adopt an Apple-like strategy.

      But what they need to do is have far, far, far fewer models but far more options on those devices.

      What that will allow them to do is make better, higher quality devices CHEAPER and then offer the hardware (options) people want.

      There is many times I just wished I could just pick and choose from many OEMs. HP may have the CPU. Dell may have the display. Asus may have the memory. Apple may have the build quality/design. Acer has the storage. You get my point.

      Now if HP, Dell, Asus, Apple, Acer could offer the CPUs, the displays, the memory, the storage, the build quality/design, everybody will win!

      • IIMurphaII

        It beats me how the OEMs cannot see this. Less whingin’, more competin’

  • Dan Menapace

    Went to the local MS store to get an Acer Aspire S7. All they had was the i5 model. They didn’t even know an i7 model existed. No wonder they aren’t selling well.

  • WixosTrix

    Went to Staples the day Win8 released. Not a single Win8 tablet nor were there any desktops or laptops with touchscreens. Went to best buy a couple weeks ago and the situation wasn’t much better. I don’t recall seeing any tablets and the only touch screen laptop was a Lenovo Yoga on a display where you couldn’t really experience the flipping. I also don’t recall seeing a single ad for any Asus products and I ride through San Francisco everyday, so perhaps they should blame themselves for lack of marketing.

  • Ocelotty1

    AAAAARGHHHHHHH, Release a tablet version of the UX32VD Asus, then come talk to me – You screwed the pooch with your decision to substitute more storage inplace of a functional graphic card – who cares if you only get 2 hrs while gaming. I was really looking forward to buying the Transformer Book as well. – Bastards

  • MarcSilverTriple

    They are teasing great stuff, deliver average stuff to the market, and they are surprised no one is buying the average stuff awaiting for the great stuff… Asus, please deliver those Taichi, Transformer Book and co. Nothing on the market yet, it is just normal we don’t buy.

  • willdoors

    just buy the best hardware and wait for windows 9 or 10….. 40 million w8 users are beta testing right now so that w9 and w10 can be THE OS

  • lpaso

    Yep, they complain they don’t sell touchscreen computers, but these computers are nowhere available !
    A friend of mine want to buy a touchsceen notebook… And here, in France, there is, well, 1 model available (a Sony) and you can’t even buy it… What a surprise Win8 notebooks don’t sell…

    • Gavin Tom

      yup, blaming their own inability to produce on someone else. If the products don’t exist you can’t sell them. Hell with that logic if you make crappy products, PEOPLE WON”T BUY THEM!!!!

  • Jiggernauts

    Demand was there because I pre-Ordered the Asus TaiChi i7 version on Oct. 17th and as of yesterday it was still not available. I cancelled my order because Asus couldn’t produce their products. So they can’t blame anyone but themselves.

  • BZ

    Well, mine finally shipped today, so hopefully that will help

  • Gavin Tom

    well, let us see, people are saying windows 8 is crappy and haven’t even used it and spew nonsense. Here is an idea if you don’t want a virus, don’t click on those DATE SEXY WOMEN THAT WANT TO JUMP ON YOU ALL DAY LONG.

  • biobots

    WTF are they talking about ?

    Where are the new touch laptops and convertibles for me to buy! My local stores don’t have anything for me to try out.
    I am not dropping $600- $1200 until I see the things…