Asus drops price of VivoTab RT, makes it irresistible



Windows RT buyers are now being faced a pretty difficult choice, after the company just dropped the price of their 32 GB VivoTab RT from $599 to only $549, and are throwing in a free keyboard dock which turns the device into a passable laptop and doubles battery life.

To claim the free keyboard dock, which is what really adds the value (normally $200 separately) you have to register with the ASUS Membership program, upload a picture of the tablet’s serial number, and also send a picture of its purchase label.

Read the full retails at the Asus’s website and find the discounted tablets at and B&H here.

The VivoTab has NFC and GPS, both features which the Microsoft Surface lack. Are any of our readers tempted by the offer? Let us know below.


  • Bugbog

    Nope! Even if it were $100 cheaper than the Surface.

    • techieg

      Lol. I guess Surface has set quite a high standard. I agree with you, I too want nothing less than the Surface. Main reason why OEMs are rumored to be backing out of WinRT tablets since their offerings just suck, to say the least.

  • blackhawk556

    no thanks! It looks like a cheap plastic product that will break really easily.

    • Amelia Hunter

      You think so? Usually Asus’ products are rather good…

  • John Hough

    If Surface didn’t have the touch cover, I might bight on this strictly for the quad core cpu, but I really want/like the touch cover so Surface it is. I’m just waiting for the pro at this point to see which one I like better.

    • Fiorenzo Bendotti

      surface is quad core

      • Fiorenzo Bendotti

        by the way, I love my surface. IPad 2 is now retired and given to my 3 Year old.

      • mikelo90

        it’s dual core, go check

        • kalval

          Mine says quad core tegra 3 1.3ghz in task manager

        • amaurys

          it is a Tegra 3 T30 1.4 GHz Quad-core (up to 1.5 GHz in single-core mode)

          • mikelo90

            Yes, I apologize to everyone. I was wrong about this.

        • Gavin Tom

          its technically 5 core. FYI

  • Wemberg Carlo Estil

    The only way would get this thing is if it’s 50% cheaper than the surface, otherwise NOPE.

  • Bill

    I’m not surprised it’s not selling since I’ve seen it twice at BestBuy simply locked up and completely unusable. Even trying to use it I finally got to a login prompt seeing it was locked by user “BestBuy”. Not sure why it was out on the shelf over a week like this.

    • Bill

      P.S. I love my Surface w/Touch cover.

  • jabtano

    I, do think that when it comes to WinRT it’s going to be all Microsoft. Even the Samsung ATIV pack isn’t going to out sell the Surface. However it will be an entirely different story with a sight Win8 tablet.

  • Dave Iffland

    I held this while at the Build conference and can vouch that this is a nice machine. It’s lighter than the surface, great screen, speedy, and with the keyboard, that’s a pretty good option. I own a Surface (not a freebie from the conference) and would definitely recommend it.

  • Carl_Barlson

    This is quite tempting but after using the Surface RT I don’t think I can use anything else.

    • Amelia Hunter

      Is it really that good? O.o

      • Francois Magny

        It is. I brought it to work and our CIO wants one. He’s been on iOS for years.

        • Amelia Hunter

          Is it that good thanks to good hardware or Windows 8?

          • Brad

            I would have to say windows 8 is simple wonderful and I couldn’t say with certainty that I would choose my Surface over this deal. I love the surface hardware, it is nothing short of amazing, but I haven’t used this Asus device, or even seen it so I have no base for comparison

          • Amelia Hunter

            I guess I have to try it — after these words. I was thinking of buying a new PC, but maybe it would be better to buy a Surface? Hmm, have to think about this…

          • Francois Magny

            A few days have gone by and I still love my Surface. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a fantastic device.

  • w1ngnut

    No. Irresistible is at 499 with the keyboard. The price is great anyways. Hope MS drop the Surface’s price. Still find it overpriced.

  • Gopi

    Are there any 3G win 8 RT tablets available ?

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    If I could find a 64GB version, I might have to pick one up!

  • Ocelotty1

    I really wanted the Transformer Book (even though the Surface Pro is Mega Drool Worthy) but they opted for more storage in the battery pack keyboard rather than a discrete graphics solution – Not happy :(

  • Gavin Tom

    and that my friends in the beauty of competition, Microsoft actually forced it’s OEMs to make the devices cheaper, since they couldn’t tell them to make them cheaper in the first place.

  • Amelia Hunter

    A friend of mine thinks that the Surface will beat all other tablets/laptops and everything —

    But I personally like the devices Asus make — they’re always well built and stylish. Haven’t used the VivoTab though — maybe it’s really much worse than the Surface?

  • koenshaku

    The surface is a really stylish device. I just take pictures on a DSLR and I am looking for ultraportable with the functionality of my laptop. I currently use an asus I7 first gen laptop which is too big to carry now days. Well not too big to carry I just prefer not to.
    That being said it will be either a transformer book or a surface pro that will win my dollar. Lenovo has nice offerings their lack of full HD (1080p) on their yoga I think the same goes for the twist makes it unacceptable. >_>