Asus Not Happy About Windows RT, Says “The Result Is Not Very Promising”

Asus Zenbook 14inch


Asus CEO Jonney Shih has told AllThingsD that they are not happy with the Windows RT growth so far. He told that “The result is not very promising,” referring to both Microsoft’s Surface and Asus VivoTab RT. However, Asus is not stopping the developement of new Windows RT products. But they are putting all of their time and energy into devices that use Intel chips, since lots of people still prefers them.

He also noted that Microsoft also made their mistakes such as removing the Start button and menu completely, etc,.

But Shih isn’t giving up on Windows products. The company recently introduced the Transformer Book Trio, which runs both Windows and Android, and the company is evaluating building smaller 10-inch and eight-inch Windows tablets.

“My personal opinion is the 10-inch may make more sense,” Shih said.

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Source: ATD

  • pepe

    Microsoft should give Windows RT for free, without desktop, for small tablets in the $200 range.

    • SteveyAyo

      Wrong, they shouldn’t give RT to anyone, they should keep it in house as their own private low end tablet OS and start aggressively attacking the low cost Tablet market, OEM partners have been holding Microsoft back for years, time to dump the dead weight. Lenovo and Nokia are the only worthwhile partners left.

      • SocalBrian

        Given the enormous failure that is Surface RT Microsoft may, in fact, be their own “worst OEM.”

        • SteveyAyo

          I guess if youre uninformed or just refuse to look at the evidence around it… sure

          • SocalBrian

            Sorry but the device itself has gotten middling reviews – slow at times, limited storage, compatibility (basically limited to metro apps). Add to that the fact that no one – Microsoft or the other OEMs – are getting any traction with the platform. In all the value proposition just isn’t there for RT.

          • Bugbog

            I suppose that’s why it’s taken Android over two years to get traction in the tablet market?

            The trouble nowadays is that everyone is a desktop critic, with expectation of instant multi-million unit sales, and god help you if your product doesn’t shift that amount out the gate!

          • SocalBrian

            But it’s not just desktop critics, it’s clear from the massive write down on inventory (and now from today’s regulatory filing that Surface revenues have been dismal) that Microsoft themselves thought that Surface would sell at many times the level that they are.

  • redtidal

    Really shouldn’t bee surprised. RT was not a well defined product to begin with. Consider the time and money spent on developing RT, Microsoft could have expanded Windows Phone 8 for large display.

    RT was an interesting idea, but that is about it.

    • Abdul9

      The biggest flaw RT has was that it has a separate Store. It would have been cool and easier for People to get RT devices if they could install Wp8 apps on it.

      • Bugbog

        I don’t know what happened exactly; I thought, based on their initial messages, that this was what Microsoft were going to do. They did demonstrate, during Build 2012, how, with a simple tweak, one could turn a portrait phone app into a widescreen tablet app.

        What happened?!

    • SteveyAyo

      Or you know, develop RT and then add phone functionalities to it, being a much more capable OS than WP and all. RT has a very important place in Microsofts ecosystem, WP will eventually be “dropped” and you’ll see RT on phones,

      • redtidal

        If we talk about eventually, then RT will also be dropped, and there will be only one OS which is capable running on all different type of devices. Windows Phone 8 already use the similar kernel, if not the same, as Windows 8. Why introduce a separate branch to very confused consumers, who most don’t understand the limitation of the RT comparing to full Windows.

        • inu

          Win RT is Win 8 on ARM. WP8 is not Win8. Win 8.1 and Win 8.1 RT will release soon. But WP8.1 will not.

  • Joe_HTH

    After owning one I now know why these girls was so angry

  • Bugbog

    Good riddance! It might be sad to see you go, but we’ll get over it. With Mark Two, hopefully, Microsoft will be a able to have free rein to push the limits of what they can do!

    • XboXer

      Not sure we want MSFT to push the limits any more, this last time it tried it cost $900 million bucks and a warehouse full of dusty surfaces.

  • UMovies

    all that means is nokia is gonna dominate another part of the windows ecosystem, lumia tab yea baby

  • Otto Gunter

    I love my Windows RT tablet, not sure why everyone else seems so upset about the mere idea of it. But then again, I knew what I was buying. My wife got the Surface on the day it came out, and she loves it too. I took a bit longer to sell my Asus TF101, and good riddance Android, I just wish my Asus Vivo Tab RT wasn’t so butt ugly. It’s embarrassing! But it does everything I want it to do, love the sync with desktop and phone, can’t beat it. Did I say good riddance Android?

  • JustMe

    Poor marketing, so so products and almost no place to buy them after the release of W8. And than complaining it has done poorly.

    Have a look at Lenovo chaps, they’re doing just fine with W8 devices…..