Asus Officially Announces VivoTab Note 8, An 8-inch Windows Tablet With Wacom Stylus For $300

Asus VivoTab 8



Asus today officially launched the VivoTab 8, an 8-inch Windows tablet that comes with Wacom stylus. The 32GB model will go on sale for $299 while the 64GB model will go on sale for $349. It will also come with 1 year of free cloud storage from Asus.

Other standard 8-inch Windows device specs applies here too.

  • 1.86GHz Intel Atom Z3740 “Bay Trail” Quadcore-SoC
  • 2GB RAM, 32GB and 64GB models, MicroSD card support up to 64GB.
  • 5MP rear cam and 2MP front cam
  • Windows 8.1 with Microsoft Office 2013 Home & Student
  • MicroSD, MicroUSB and 3.5mm audio jack.
  • 3950mAh, 15Wh battery
  • 1280×800 Pixel, 10 finger multi-touch IPS panel.
  • 220.9 x 133.8 x 10.95 mm.
  • 380 g
  • RWalrond

    Wacom! Finally getting some 8inch devices with real inking at a good price! My Dell Venue 8 Pro is not officially up for sale.

    • Bugbog

      You mean “now up for sale?” I take it the ThinkPad 8 doesn’t meet your needs due to it’s lack of a stylus?

      • RWalrond

        Yeah, *Now. (corrected thanks)
        Any tablet without an active stylus of some kind will not meet my needs. An 8 inch device is a perfect replacement for pen and paper in meetings. My Venue Pro replaced my Surface Pro in Meetings but the inking is subpar.

        • skruis

          Ditto that scenario. I tried the exact same series of solutions and the V8P inking experience, even after the latest firmware update, just sucks. I mean, it’s “ok” and it’s much better than it was but nowhere near good enough to replace the Surface Pro as my primary note taking device. It’s such a shame too: I love my V8P but I love Wacom more…

        • Bugbog

          Whenever I read about comparisons of the Surface Pro with other tablets, the Carly Simon/James Bond song comes t mind: “Nobody does it better, makes me feel sad for the rest, nobody does it half as good as you, baby you’re the best!”

    • JohnCz

      I’m just glad to see more active digitizer / stylus options out there. Did you update your Dell Venue 8 Pro to the new bios released two days ago .. huge improvement for me in inking. I’m curious how ASUS Vivotab Note will fare with its smaller battery.

      • RWalrond

        Yeah I did update my Venue 8, however I’ve been waiting since Dec. 10th for a Stylus replacement since mine no longer works.
        I’m really more curious to know if Microsoft is going to respond with a smaller Surface also with a Wacom.

  • Tirinti

    After Lenovo presented proper 8″ tablet, Asus can cancel this thing.

    • Bugbog

      Nah! I’d say it still has it’s place due to the Wacom integration and price levels.

      • skruis

        True but if that Lenovo offers Wacom, I’ll opt for the Lenovo cause of the HDMI out.

        • Bugbog

          I was a bit worried due to the majority of ” releases being of a ‘template’ nature, but Lenovo really kicked it out the park with the T8!
          That said, I’ll still be holding on to my DV8P for next 6months to a year. It’s just so super convenient! (The win8.1 predictive keyboard is great for responding to emails an forum posts, which is what I ‘m doing with it now!

          • SategB

            I agree Lenovo is putting out some attractive and quality products. Rumor is they are going to be doing smartphones soon.

        • Valk-MT

          Lenovo’s Miix2 8 has neither HDMI out or any pen digitzer of any kind.

    • RWalrond

      I think the resolution on the Lenovo is nice, although I don’t find 1200×800 that restrictive since Windows 8.1 removed the stupid snap limitation.
      I’m curious what is your use case for an 8″ tablet? Are you the type to get the dock and use it as a production machine?

    • Valk-MT

      I bought the Lenovo Miix2 8 and it was a disaster. I returned it. It occasionally will not power up and the stylus with smart cover looks nice, but is so unusable I can’t comprehend why it even exists. It just highlights how bad using a touch digitizer is for writing or drawing. The Lenovo is dead on arrival IMHO. A Wacom digitizer is a massive advantage.

  • koenshaku

    Wacom integration along will make me skip the Lenovo I am picking one of these up for note use in language class.

  • Antonioerre

    For a similar Price you get a Dell Venue Pro 8 that ships with Windows 8,1 Pro so you can use it as a complete PC on the go.

  • NegLewis

    Asus should build a 6″ Quad/8 Core W8 Tablet (Phone+SIM).