Asus Reveals Vivo And Vivo Tab RT Windows 8 Devices

At IFA, Asus officially announced the two Windows 8 tablets it has been working on and earlier showcased at Computex under the name of Asus Tablet 810 and the ASUS Tablet 600.

Press Release:

ASUS Announces the Incredible Vivo Tab and Vivo Tab RT tablets at IFA

Two new tablets with a dual-purpose design that combines a high-resolution multi-touch display and a detachable QWERTY keyboard dock for a great Microsoft® Windows 8 experience.

IFA, Berlin, Germany, (August 29, 2012) – ASUS, a global leader in the new digital era, today announces two incredible new tablets intended to run Windows 8. First unveiled at Computex in June, the ASUS Vivo Tab and ASUS Vivo Tab RT (formerly known as the ASUS Tablet 810 and ASUS Tablet 600 respectively) open up a new world of mobile possibilities and transform expectations about what tablets can do.

Meet Vivo
With a name taken from the Latin verb “to live”, Vivo is designed as a constant companion that blends the familiar elegance of ASUS tablet design with Microsoft Corporations’ new touch-enabled Windows 8 operating system.

Vivo has a dual-purpose design that combines a high-resolution multi-touch Super IPS+ display with a detachable QWERTY keyboard dock to provide a great Windows 8 experience. ASUS TruVivid technology with Corning® Fit Glass gives improved colour clarity and superior scratch resistance, while the keyboard not only transforms Vivo into a convenient clamshell ultraportable, but also provides a secondary battery for prolonged mains-free use.
With an 11.6″ screen backed by high-precision Wacom digitiser stylus technology, the Vivo Tab is designed with productivity in mind, while the ultra-light Vivo Tab RT is ideally suited to entertainment on the go. Get more done, enjoy new experiences and connect with others in exciting new ways – Vivo makes it all possible.

ASUS Vivo Tab

The ASUS Vivo Tab features the Next Generation Intel® Atom™ processor and has 2GB RAM with 64GB eMMC (embedded multimedia card) user storage. An incredible Windows 8 experience makes it a smart choice for professional and personal use. With support for 1024-level Wacom digitizer for precise work and navigation, ASUS Vivo Tab maximizes productivity and provides the best input experience.

Key to the Vivo Tab’s recipe for Windows 8 is the supplied mobile dock. This instantly transforms the tablet into a compact clamshell ultraportable, complete with full QWERTY keyboard, trackpad, two USB ports and second battery for extended use away from the mains.

The 11.6″ display with a 1366 x 768 resolution uses Super IPS+ technology to deliver superior visual clarity both indoors and out, and its 10-point multi-touch is complemented by Wacom digitiser stylus technology for high-precision stylus input and a more natural writing experience.

Despite its compact dimensions and ultra-thin 8.7mm and 675g profile, the Vivo Tab still delivers superlative sound quality, thanks to the same SonicMaster technology used on ASUS’ award-winning notebooks. High-quality photographs can also be captured with the 8-megapixel rear camera with autofocus and LED flash, along with a 2-megapixel front-facing camera for video chats. The Vivo Tab also features a built-in NFC sensor, enabling the device to easily sync with other NFC-enabled devices.

ASUS Vivo Tab RT

The ASUS Vivo Tab RT has a slim and light profile that’s 8.3mm thin and 520g light. It features the NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 quad-core processor and 12-core GPU for outstanding mobile graphics performance, along with 2GB RAM and 32GB eMMC user storage. Supplied with Windows RT, tablet users with entertainment in mind will find a great partner in the Vivo Tab RT.
The Vivo Tab RT also has the same innovative Transformer design as the Vivo Tab and is supplied with its own mobile dock that provides a QWERTY keyboard, track pad, USB port and built-in battery.

Windows 8 apps, games and movies will look incredible on the Vivo Tab RT’s 10.1″ display with 1366 x 768 resolution and Super IPS+ technology, while ASUS SonicMaster technology ensures top-quality audio. The Vivo Tab RT has the same high-quality front and rear cameras as the Vivo Tab too, making it an excellent all-round multimedia performer. It also features a built-in NFC sensor, enabling the device to easily sync with other NFC-enabled devices.

  • RWalrond

    Looks good, but was hoping for a digitizer on the RT version.

  • pzstm

    Any news about the price and availability?

    • Bugbog

      Availability will be same as the others; from Oct 26!
      Price, well they have to play their cards and not get trumped by other manufacturers close to release, so I’d say they’ll wait till Oct. before revealing price. (And I’d wager no higher that $300-$400 for the Tab RT!)

  • koenshaku

    Storage is far too anemic for me no thanks. I was hoping for a 250gb Microsoft surface..

    • MistaWet

      I can dig it. Do you have a particular tablet device right now and if so, which one are you using? Also, you do realize you can add storage to these devices right?

      • koenshaku

        I have a ASUS Eee Slate EP121 at my job. Which is just 64GB I had to by a 32gb SD card for some breathing room, still too small though.

    • Joe_HTH

      Do you know how much a 256 GB SSD would add to the cost of such a device? 128 is about the limit of what you get in these types of devices. Besides, you can plug in an external hard drive.

  • MistaWet

    The Vivo (Atom Processor) should come in under the Intel version and just above the RT version. Depending on how it performs I haven’t ruled out the possibility of getting this tablet. Especially if I want access to x86 programs but not want to pay Ultra Book prices.

  • the person

    FU Asus….I want prices….SICK of this leading people on crap. That goes for all announced tablets so far.