ASUS Taichi 13-inch Dual-screen Ultrabook Now Available


Asus has finally announced that ASUS Taichi 13-inch Dual-screen Ultrabook is now available for sale after the long delays.

Press Release:

ASUS today announced availability of ASUS Taichi™ 31, a sleek Ultrabook™ with a 13.3-inch dual-screen design that offers the mobile flexibility of a tablet with the performance and features of a notebook. ASUS Taichi™ 31 features a choice of Intel® Core™ processors and joins the 11.6-inch ASUS Taichi™ 21, launched in October 2012.

Dual displays for a multitude of uses

With two Full HD 13.3-inch screens placed back-to-back, ASUS Taichi™ 31 combines the best features of a Windows 8 tablet and a powerful Ultrabook™ in a single sleek design. With the same stunning black-mirror finish and slender profile as the 11.6-inch ASUS Taichi™ 21, ASUS Taichi™ 31 is as elegant as it is innovative, and packs a host of features that help make light work of any productivity task.

Lid closed, ASUS Taichi™ 31 is a high-performance tablet with a powerful Intel® Core™ i7 or i5 processor and blazingly fast SSD storage. Scratch-resistant glass with 10-point multi-touch makes Windows 8 effortless and intuitive to use, while the supplied pressure-sensitive stylus is perfect for taking handwritten notes, annotating documents and drawing sketches.

Lid open, ASUS Taichi™ 31 offers three distinct ways to work. With just the inner display active, ASUS Taichi™ 31 is a powerful Ultrabook™ with a comfortable backlit keyboard and a generously proportioned touchpad with full support for Windows 8 gestures. Better still, both displays can also be active at the same time in Extended Desktop or Mirrored Desktop mode, making it easy to show a presentation or share a video, without the need for a clumsy external monitor or a bulky projector.

Brilliant images and astonishing audio quality

In whichever mode ASUS Taichi™ 31 is used, two Full HD displays with IPS technology give outstanding clarity with vibrant color and 178-degree wide viewing angles. Dual-band Wi-Fi with Intel® WiDi and Bluetooth 4.0 offer high-performance wireless connectivity, while two USB 3 ports provide full support for the latest high-speed external storage devices and rapid mobile device recharging.

ASUS SonicMaster technology, co-developed with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower®, delivers astonishing sound quality on ASUS Taichi™ 31 with all kinds of listening material. ASUS Taichi™ 31 also features a rear 5-megapixel auto-focus camera with 1080p Full HD video recording and a front-facing 720p HD video camera, plus a noise-suppressing array microphone for crystal-clear video chat. ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II technology gives up to seven hours battery life with Wi-Fi web browsing.

Multi award-winning design

ASUS Taichi™ has received a number of awards since its launch in October 2012. The 2013 CES Innovations Award judging panel were impressed by ASUS Taichi™ for its daring design and entirely new approach to mobile PCs, while the 2013 iF Design Award committee acknowledged the vision behind its innovative design. ASUS Taichi™ was also awarded a prestigious G Mark in the 2012 Good Design Awards for its breakthrough design that offers new levels of productivity and entertainment.

Source: Asus via: Engadget

  • Bugbog

    9 Months late?! Anyone looking to have obtained this as a primary unit would definitely long since have moved on!

    OEM’s are definitely “eating their young” here!; on the one-hand they wish to remain in the past, continually shipping basic PC’s (laptops/desktops from Celeron to i7’s), which as we know is not really an option, as most people are upgrading given the lack of any new USP.
    But on the other hand seem very reluctant to ship new form factors (with Win 8) that will offer such USP!?

    Maybe they are waiting for someone to volume copy?

    In the [good?] old days, Microsoft would have had Samsung build the Surface tablet, and a lot of other OEM’s would have taken the design and run with it. But given that its an ‘own’ design and manufacture, that’s no longer an option, leaving them floundering!

    Only one OEM has really innovated a new form-factor for Windows 8, and that’s been Asus with the Yoga! (The Sony Vaio isn’t really all that new, though I do give them kudos for shipping something!)

    Let’s hope an OEM with balls shows up soon enough.

    • WaitingonHaswell

      Lenovo made the Yoga!

      • Bugbog

        My bad! Asus Taichi headline mix-up! :) Thanks.

  • koenshaku

    I was waiting on the transformer book, but since they’re taking so long with it they may as well release it with haswell otherwise I will not even be interested.