Asus Taichi delayed, possibly indefinitely?


Our favourite Windows 8 hybrid, the Asus Taichi, appears to have been delayed, according to PCWorld.

A spokesman from Asus said shipments may begin in December or possibly even later, and a number of online stores are now listing the device as either being out of stock or discontinued, and are no longer taking orders.

The issue is emblematic of the problem OEMs have been having of getting interesting and desirable new Windows 8 form-factors into the market, something which Microsoft supposedly blames for Windows 8 underperforming in the market, and something we as some-one who is in the market for a new laptop finds personally frustrating.

Have any of our readers been waiting for this device? Let us know below.

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  • Ahmes

    Ive been waiting for anything from asus! Zenbook prime touch ? Transformer book ? Taichi ?! Anything
    Asus not really doing a great job with windows 8 !

  • surilamin

    I think the Asus Tachi Win8 hybrid made the least sense. It was a cool concept but was not that practical. OEMs are experimenting to see what works, they’re too dumb to realize a sold tablet, like the Surface, will do them wonders as of yet.

  • Yehia

    I agree with Ahmes, I’ve been waiting Asus to release ANYTHING. Seriously how is that being “ready” for Windows 8 launch!

  • Avatar Roku

    I really want this computer. This is going to be my next laptop.

    I can’t believe Asus haven’t shipped either the Taichi or the Transformer Book after making such a big deal about them at their stage shows all through the year at Computex, IDF and other conferences.

  • RobertG12

    he problem with the ASUS TAICHI is that the patent for that notebook belongs to a company called SEEDTRONIC that showed the concept for the first time before ASUS at CES 2012. They have a youtube video of it.