Asus Taichi gets a video promo, make me love it even more

imageThe very expensive Asus Taichi is still my favourite Windows 8 convertible, and in the above video by Asus we see the device put through its paces.

The dual-screened TAICHI21 is available in a 1.7 Ghz Core i5 and 1.9 Ghz Core i7 processor versions.

The 1.7 Ghz device has two 11.6 inch IPS Full HD screens with 10 finger multi-touch, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD and costs $1,300 and comes with a pressure-sensitive pen.

The 1.9 Ghz Core i7 version has a 256 GB SSD and costs $1,600.

The device is available to pre-order from Asus here.

  • 111san

    one of the most stupid designs Ive ever come across. What a load of bull shit that I have to pay for two full HD screens but can only view one of them at a time.

    • Philippe

      Totally agree. Why 2 screens ?

      • Sunovavic

        In case 2 dudes want to watch a movie on their laptop and didn’t want to sit right next to each other.
        Or play a movie for kids while I work.
        Or make it look like I’m working but really goofing off.

        • stanvx

          Haha definitely a perfect ‘Train’ situation!

        • Tumultus

          Yeah, 2 dudes watching a movie! Let’s fight over the fewing angle / tilt of the screen and then let’s fight about dude #2 gets the stereo sound reversed – makes full sense! :)

        • mrdeezus

          Lmao 2 dudes watching a movie….

    • wisedesi

      Other side is for someone else to see.

      • Tumultus

        So, you basically buy a device with another person in mind?

    • GG002

      What? You seem not to have watched the video.. it’s clearly laid out that you can watch BOTH sides simultaneously, by either mirroring or keep it dual screen… See 1:28

      • Tumultus

        Yeah, explain to me how you would watch BOTH sides SIMULTANEOUSLY without rotating it on high speed. You must have seen a different video than the one above. It clearly shows that the screens are on opposite sites, so, seeing them simultaneously is physically impossible. :)

        • GG002

          You must not have seen that there were TWO DIFFERENT people in that video, but yea… You only see what you want to see. Bloody h*ll people are stupid nowadays.

          • Tumultus

            I sure saw it! Yet, if I reference your original post: “you can watch BOTH sides simultaneously”, I must say “No, I can’t!”. If you now argue that a second person can see the second screen, well, sure he can but that wasn’t the OP’s initial complaint and it also wasn’t reflected in your previous comment!

            And, btw, the second person can’t see the first screen and wise versa, so, technically, your “you can watch BOTH sides simultaneously” is incorrect! :)

        • bluehonda

          just look at it the way it was intended laptop and tablet and forget about splitting your head to see both sides. I ordered mine already and I am sure that I will love the I7 performance and 256 gig ssd.

    • Kruegerman

      Wow! You’re an idiot. Or blind. Or both.

      • Tumultus

        Excuse him for not being able to roll out 1 of his eyes and put it behind the screen, so, that he actually can see both screens at the same time. And here is a breaker for you: most humans can’t see 2 screens at the same time if those screens are on opposite sites. Your mom must be quite proud of you; you must be one of a kind. :)

  • ustudio


  • Avatar Roku

    The pre-order link is not to the Asus Taichi, but to a different laptop from Asus (VivoBook).

  • Kruegerman

    That’s going to make Crapple fanboys green with envy.

    • willdoors

      absolutely! the itards will be puzzled in 1 week! lol

  • Jiggernauts

    I pre-ordered this earlier this week and this video just reassured me that I made a fantastic purchase. Can’t wait to handle this sexy lady.

  • Eingoluq

    Microsoft needs to put out an SDK that supports dual screens for games.

    • Tumultus

      It isn’t Microsoft’s job to create SDKs for a niche idea of an OEM. I can’t see this concept becoming too popular. Not saying that this isn’t unique but it is rather too ‘special’ …

  • Timothy Gamble

    Its just a $100 more than a MBA yet it cooks it well done. Impressed.

  • inyourbase

    Want to see the big problem with touch screen laptops? Look at the girls laptop at 0:11. That screen looks awful. They need to chuck on an anti-oil layer or similar to minimise that.

    • Tumultus

      The good thing about TouchScreen Laptops: you don’t have to touch the screen but you can if you want to. :)

  • TonyFinlay

    I love the subtle stab at non-hybrids as the other guy has two devices with him. This device wouldn’t be my cup of tea but I can see it’s appeal, albeit I bet it’s a narrow one.

  • Mario

    I believe it is better than the surface (but not because the dual screen but for the i7 and the fact is a “full” laptop. Even though 1600 dollars isn’t cheap.

  • dfogdhdfg

    i NEED to know if BOTH screens are touch screen. Many articles say its dual screened of course, but only the back has the touch screen. some articles such as this one suggest there are two touch screens but can be very misleading. NO video shows someone touching the front.

    • cws

      Only the outside screen is touch. This can be confirmed on Asus’ website and in some news articles. Makes no sense why only one would be touch, Win8 is terrible without touch.

  • cws

    The fact the inside screen is not touch is a deal breaker. Otherwise they would have had me on this one.