Asus Taichi to cost between $1300 and $1500


Of all the very interesting Windows 8 touch screen laptops shown off at Computex 2012, I think it is safe to say the Asus Taichi was the most interesting.

Now Digitimes have published an estimate of the cost of the components of the device, and potentially the final retail price.

They write:

With the displays already costing US$300, if the machine has an Intel Core i7 series processor and chipset, another US$230 will be added to the cost, and with other component costs – motherboard about US$50-60; 6-cell battery about US$40; solid state drive (SSD) about US$110; chassis and internal parts about US$80; and Windows 8 about US$90, the total BOM is estimated to reach about US$900 excluding e shipments, retail channel distribution and marketing, the sources detailed.

They note the end price of a PC product is usually 130-150% of its BOM, giving an estimate of the final price of between $1300 to $1500.

Asustek CEO Jerry Shen however is quoted as saying that the price will satisfy all consumers

Do our readers think the innovative features of the device is worth the price? Let us know below.

  • Anonymous

    For those that pay premiums for their new tech, yes. For ordinary/casual/budget users, no!

  • Anonymous

    many factors must come together, but this has caught my attention like the Yoga.

  • Njoifontes

    yep, sign me up

  • Ali Baba

    I know this is a full on laptop, and the cost is reflective. But what about tablets that cost round £400 -500? one one that will compete with the iPad and NOT low end android crap?

    • Sondre Krumsvik

      Asus transformer infinity, asus transformer prime and samsung might have something this fall. IFA is coming up so we might see something good.

  • Daniel Rivero Horie

    What about a i5?

  • patmore_douglas

    The price estimate sounds skewed to the high end to me. E.g. I believe in large quantities, Windows costs about $50 / machine to OEMs. Also the estimate for an Intel i7, instead of an Intel i5, which is respectable. This sounds like a FUD attempt to me. 

  • ZipZapRap

    Will buy this next year with Haswell.. Can’t wait!!

  • Anonymous

    With the $2200-$3500 MacBooks coming out, now this looks cheap. I can’t wait for the Taichi to hit the shelves.

  • Hpkeong

    ASUS is so innovative to fulfill niche market (as some people said of its limited dual screen application) BUT it really makes a different from everyone else (from Apple and Google) and have make a total different path. We has to admit of their innovative. Accept that fact that we buy products, NOT, by brand. ASUS’s motherboard is unarguably one of the leader in the market. With this new conceptual dual screen one purpose Taichi NB + Tablet concept, the world has again back to Windows basic application (Computing) with Entertainment (Metro UI). Appreciate those Engineers working behind the screen of their tremendous effort and innovative. Bravo! 

  • Monty

    i LIKE THIS a whole lot. sign me too

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    I really want this product. I need a PC, but I love the feel of a tablet and I only want ONE device. Hopefully I can scrape together enough money for it…

  • Ajmain Hossain

    This is so great. Can’t wait to buy it.

  • hoj

    way over-priced

  • PK Hong

    For me, 101% Yes. My first computer was Sharp Aquos, about USD 3300 (9 years ago; about 1inch thickness and still with me at Win 98); Second computer until now is Fujitsu Tablet PC about USD 3000 (with Win XP Table PC edition). First one worked for 3 years and Fuitsu for 6 years (still good but slow due to too many programs and latest software slow it down). So, USD 1500 for Asus with such a spec is really worth buying. (from Malaysia).- esp, for Business.

  • jameslee

    can’t wait to see it on the shelf…definitely will get one.

  • Jackson Lambert

    I WANT THIS!!! I am huge Windows 8 supporter I have had windows 8 developer preview on my laptop since it came out. I cannot wait, I have fallen in Love! Asus is the best the $1500 is the sweet spot anything less is a even better.

  • Haris Brk

    if it came out around 1000$ it’s a sure sell !

  • Estelle Pitt


  • vistor

    it’s a good price for those that really need/want this type of machine and can pay for it. They won’t sell a lot of em but those that do buy them will be happy I’m sure.