Asus Taichi to cost only $1,299 but Asus Windows RT tablets to be relatively expensive


Asus’s Windows 8 and Windows RT roadmap has leaked and it contains a mixture of both good and bad news.

The good news is that the Asus headliner, the Asus Taichi, with two full-HD touch screen panels will only come in at $1,299, which is pretty far from luxury laptop pricing for what is a very interesting device.


The bad news is that the pure tablets, both Windows 8 and Windows RT, are pretty expensive, and not looking very competitive.

The Windows 8 Asus Vivo tab will come in at $799 for a Atom processor, plus an extra $199 for the docking station, bringing the combination up to Macbook Air pricing.

Similarly the less functional Asus Vivo Tab RT with an Nvidia processor will cost $599 for a device with a 1366 x 768 resolution screen, not making it very competitive with an iPad.

What do our readers think of the pricing? Let us know below.


  • H1deAndSeek

    hm, so 1k$ for Intel Atom Tablet + Dock and you get an Full HD Dual Display with an i5 for just 300 bucks more?

    • skruis

      The battery life I guess is the trade off for the price difference. Still, pricing overall seems high on the tabs.

  • Sunovavic

    fake… hopefully.

  • XB_Mod

    That’s too expensive for RT. It won’t survive against the iPad. Consumers don’t buy tabs for productivity yet and given the ecosystem around the iPad and its superior hardware…its an easy choice, sadly.

  • kfield

    THis better be wrong. These tablets just won’t sell at those prices. Not encouraging at all.

  • WhoiamisnotImportant Mclaurin

    over priced for RT devices. But cmon you guys, were you really picking a Asus Tab RT over MSFTs Surface RT when they’re released?

    • Bugbog

      Hopefully mis-informed, especially as Asus is supposed to be collaborating with Nvidia to bring ARM chipset prices down.
      Additionally, this is from the OEM that gave us an Android tablet at sub $200 prices?! That said, Asus transformer prices are somewhat pricey?!

      If accurate though , then goodbye market share, except maybe for the Taichi.

  • Jdrm03

    I wish the surface rt version had a 1920x1080p screen.

  • peterfares

    TAICHI uses N-Trig which is just garbage. I had an HP 2740p tablet PC with Wacom and I thought THAT was a little finnicky around the edges. Then I got a Dell Latitude XT3 (wanted Sandy Bridge and 16GB RAM and it was cheap) but shit N-Trig SUCKS really bad. I wish I had put in the extra money and paid for the 2760p with Wacom. I would have considered the Taichi if it wasn’t for N-Trig.

    Hopefully they still plan on releasing the transformer books with Wacom. Also hopefully they have an 8GB RAM option. Otherwise Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro is going to kick ASUS’ ass.

  • liberalrepublic

    this looks like a rumor spreading on the internet intended to derail windows 8 before it is released.

  • PhilVoid

    From ASUS site, “The TAICHI is as light and thin as the ASUS ZENBOOK™ and delivers uncompromised mobile performance, with 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors, fast SSD storage and dual band 802.11n Wi-Fi”
    So, it is much more that a WindowsRT or ATOM based computer. Feel free to post FUD otherwise, but this is a Windows 8 Pro x86 capable device.

  • Dome

    Too much for an Atom processor… 199$ for the docking station!??!
    And the Asus Transformer Book? How much?! 1599$?!??

  • Mike

    Waiting for the Asus Taichi 8GB Memory option. How long will it take? Would buy one right away if the option was available.

  • Mike

    Asus Taichi 8GB Memory option. WHERE ??