Asus talks about the design of their Windows 8 tablets and hybrids

imageAsus has posted this video describing the conception and design of their Asus Taichi, Asus Transformer Book, Asus VivoTab and Asus Vivobook tablets and hybrids.

The video shows a lot more thought than one expected went into the creation of these tablets, for example moving the release button to the tablet on the Asus Transformer Book so the tablet can be released without opening the dock, and having a special high speed bus to move signals rapidly from the dock to the tablet.

The video also revealed Asus had their own version of a magnetically docked keyboard, seen in the picture above.

Overall, the level of innovation present in these devices will help go a long way in making sure Windows 8 tablets are serious competitors in the market.


  • Bobby Cannon

    Some of the most interesting W8 devices so far.

    • GG002

      Reserve a Transformer Book for me!

      • Ocelotty1

        I also wanted the Transformer Book, but they opted for an extra Hdd in the battery base/ keyboard dock over a discrete graphics solution – this killed it for me :( – I wanted a real gaming tablet, oh well, Project Fiona it is.

        • GG002

          I don’t think it’s opting so much as managing it within the timeframe.. It’s not as simple to make an external graphic card dockable, or else it should have been more mainstream than it is today, don’t you think? I wouldn’t have minded a good external discrete card for my current laptop, but there’s none.

    • Martigan

      Agreed. I have been dead set on a Surface RT for a while now, ultimately I will need something more(running full Win8) and this is more than likely where I will be looking. They have been making great Laps and Ultras and I was really interested in a Zen last year.

  • aqq

    Stop talking and start selling! I don’t know if I should wait for transformer book or buy Samsung Smart PC Pro next week.

    • aqq

      They should stop talking and redesign. They soldered 4GB RAM and there is no way to extend it to 8GB. Its so pathetic.

  • Bugbog

    Apart from the Transformer Book, the other two are somewhat confusingly named; vivo- smart/pro/tab??

    I’m watching it and it’s just blurring past! (And I’ve been following everything since the beginning!). Ahh, whatever.

  • neilspartacus

    Some of the best hardware for Win 8. I am seriously considering Transformer Book instead of Surface Pro.

  • jimski27

    I knew a little about Asus two weeks ago, but enough to decide to get the Asus i7-3770 (3rd Gen) 3.9GHz Desktop over a Lenovo. Now I am really glad I did. Got the shipping notification today. Will have this baby, pre-loaded with Win 8 on Friday.