Asus To Showcase Taichi Touch Ultrabook In December, Pricing Increased To Around $2000 USD


Asus Taichi Touch Ultrabook was one of the unique Windows 8 device we saw from PC OEMs in the recent times. However, the release date of the device got delayed several times and it was priced around $1300. Now, Digitimes reports that Asus Taichi will be released in IT Month trade show in Taiwan in December. And the pricing of the device was increased to US$1,992.

Asustek’s Taichi is manufactured by Pegatron Technology and adopts panels supplied by Innolux Corporation, (renamed from Chimei Innolux (CMI) recently), according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

Asustek originally hoped to price Taichi at below US$1,600, but due to yield rate and cost problems, the company is only able to offer the product at above US$1,900.

I hope Asus works out some other designs to reduce the price of the device to somewhere around $1500 and less. What do you think? Are you ok with the $2000 price tag?

Source: Digitimes

  • ErikPienknagura

    I would never buy something that expensive for those specs…. we are not talking alienware here

  • Tommy Aisia

    No thanks. I’ll wait for the Surface pro or maybe something from HP. That’s too expensive.

    • sanshiro

      Choose HP only if you like customer support akin to dwelling in the bowels of Hell.

  • twitfaceplus

    Since you asked. I’m ok with that price.

  • KYL

    I had a chance to touch Taichi 3 weeks ago and play around with it in HK Wanchai. I also had played around with Surface RT here in HK. I found the sturdy feel of Surface really impress me. the Taichi is rather heavy and the edge is very thick. I think using it as a laptop is great and picking it on arms is pretty heavy. If it is selling more than 2K that’s mean about 15-16k in HK dollar is too expansive. The inner screen is NOT a touch screen, only the outer one is, so you have to use mouse to work on it.

  • NegLewis

    A little too expensive, if this is because of “dual screen” then … they should release one without.

    Even so… nobody wants a tablet-laptop with a visible horizontal “crack” on the middle of the “tablet”… it looses the “tablet” touch…

  • david

    MS Should release more Surface and other tabs to teach the OEM to really really move the quality of build and push technology to sky high.

  • Mar

    or you just buy 2 surface pro’s… Wth are OEMs thinking that they can bank on Windows 8… And sell android at rock bottom prices. No wonder sales of Windows 8 machines are poor, a) there is no decent device in the store b) it is twice the price it should be!
    That asus vivo thing is likr 600€ for an RT tablet, and 800€ for an ARM. What the hell are those guys thinking? The surface pro will start from 899 for an i5, premium build quality, pen input, etc etc.

    • mar

      800 for an Atom, sorry. But you get my rant 😉
      And originally the RT was priced higher, but they included the keyboard for ‘free’ now.

  • Scotty Le

    i would be better off with a Sager/Clevo and stick a GTX 680M on it.
    No Thanks, ASUS, you pushed it too far.

  • NGM123

    Meanwhile android is eating up the hearts and minds of the younger generation with $99 7″ tablets that are throw away items there so cheap.
    MS needs to attack the bottom end of the market quick smart before it’s too late.

    • Reginald Billingsgate

      If they don’t insert themselves into the bottom end quick, like they used to in the good old days, they’re going to find that someone’s flipped them for real and they’re not on top any more!

  • Windows 8

    I am not at all even think of buying this or any other system priced at an absurd $2000

    These companies don’t want to earn with Windows 8 it seems, that is why the pricing is so fail !
    Microsoft should do something about these companies or it will be too late..

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    1080p display, 512GB storage, 8GB memory, i7 for $2000? Not at all a bad price.

    • José Villaró

      Where did you get those specs? they never had a model with that kind of hardware, They barely had a 256gb version

    • peterfares

      More like 1080p display, 128GB storage, 4GB memory, i5 for $2000.

  • Bugbog

    This removes it from “niche” and takes it to “specialty order!”

    Definitely Not going to be a sales success!

  • mrdeezus

    This is ridiculous, Asus has 2 tablet styl dvices, one is slow and looks crappy, the other is overpriced, gimmicky and looks crappy. No wonder MS is forced to make their own hardware.

  • Avatar Roku

    No way that is a US price.

  • blackhawk556

    that’s too high. cool design but to increase that is a big problem.

  • Doc Scott