Asus Very Optimistic About Sales Of Windows 8 Tablets This Year

Asus Windows 8 Vivo Tab

In their quarterly earnings report, Asus CEO Jerry Shen said that prices of Windows 8 tablets likely to fall below $300 this year and as a result they are very optimistic about sales for Windows 8 tablets this year. He also cited the optimism was due to Microsoft’s smaller form-factor program. WSJ reported in April that Microsoft is planning to produce a seven-inch version of its own Surface tablet which will be released this year.

An Acer 8-inch Windows 8 device got already leaked in the public and it is also expected to hit the market later this year. Microsoft is working on an update for Windows 8 called Windows 8.1 which brings significant UI/UX improvements to Windows 8 across all the form factors.

Source: WSJ

  • sri_tech

    That is good news.

    Microsoft need to reduce the prices of windows RT license. Otherwise OEMs dont prefer RT over android.
    I believe RT is much better OS than iOS or android. Only problem is apps.

    If Windows RT tablets hit $250-$300 price range, that brings market share and apps to the platform.

  • surilamin

    I think the OEMs are finally getting to the level where they should have been 1 year ago.

  • NegLewis

    Well, that’ means that IF Nokia will build a W8 Tablet it will be a 7-8″ W8.1+ one.
    Nokia should and it’s the only one who could make RT a hit.
    JUST allow WP apps to run on RT in a “split” screen mode and I will buy 2…

    • Bugbog

      If it’s a 7/8″ tab, then it doesn’t even need to run in split screen!

  • a21

    Yeah, and i am very optimistic about becoming the next president of the united states 😛

  • Mahesh Abnave

    It will be Surface vs Lumia Tab fight, awaiting eagerly for it

  • Windows 8

    We ( the fellows waiting for Windows 8 devices ) have been crying hoarse that it is the OEM’s that need education and adoption..

    Now seeing it happen by Acer and Asus and also Dell and others I am optimistic about the future more so :)