ASUS VivoTab Note 8, An 8-inch Windows Tablet With Wacom Digitizer Support Coming Soon

Asus VivoTab Note 8

Acer, Dell and Lenovo has already got 8-inch Windows tablets in the market. As per the recent reports, Asus is going to join the list with its upcoming ASUS VivoTab Note 8 M80TA. The main differentiation among its competitors will be the Wacom-Digitizer & Stylus support. Dell Venue 8 Pro already supports stylus, but it is powered by Synaptics digitizer with a battery-powered stylus.

Other standard 8-inch Windows device specs applies here too.

  • 1.86GHz Intel Atom Z3740 “Bay Trail” Quadcore-SoC
  • 2GB RAM, 32GB and 64GB models
  • Windows 8.1 with Microsoft Office 2013 Home & Student
  • MicroSD, MicroUSB and 3.5mm audio jack.
  • 3950mAh, 15Wh battery
  • 1280×800 Pixel, 10 finger multi-touch IPS panel.
  • 220.9 x 133.8 x 10.95 mm.
  • 380 g

The device will be available for $299 in the coming weeks.

Source: Mobile Geeks via: The Verge

  • Luis Madaleno

    I bought the Lenovo Miix2 8, and I like it.
    But battery life isn’t comparable to the Surface 2.
    With the Atom based device I get 2 days maximum even with the device in standby.

    Another issue is that sometimes the screen doesn’t turn on, and the only way to get the tablet back is to reset (pressing the power button for a while).
    This happens after some time without use or after being in charge for a while.
    But it happens often.

    The speed isn’t also that good. It’s not bad but not too good also.
    The Surface 2 is much more responsive.

    • Bugbog

      A pity. The Miix 2 was never a contender for me though, there were too many factors about it that I disliked; leaving aside its colouring & ‘piping’, which I didn’t like, I didn’t like the fact that their website builds in considerable lead time for delivery (combined with a horror story I’d heard too), neither did I like the ambiguity regarding the processor they were using. It just didn’t seem like they were using the standard 3750D model.

      It does show up the deficiency of the original launch processors used for Win8/RT though. Everything is just snappy, And I do believe that it is the equal of the Tegra 4 CPU, but I think the Qualcomm 800+ does edge it out (in non x86 usage). That said, I have noticed that there is slightly faster power-drain if IE is on/in-play when the device is left in standby, which for some reason causes the device/cpu? to warm-up.

      All-in-all, Dell’s use of the [Intel?] 8″ design template makes for a
      decent tablet, despite their lack of added value (ports/apps); weight could come down and battery life could increase. But overall quite nice.

  • Tirinti

    Another one without LTE ot et least 3G.
    For home use the 11″ is better choice and 8″ is rather outdoor one and should have at least oprional wireless internet.

    • Derrick Ford

      Get a smart phone and tether.

  • Aaron Peigh

    I agree with Tirinti. This device should have 4G / LTE as an option for a portable 8 inch tablet. Still love my ASUS Vivo RT tablet.

    • Bugbog

      It does look like the Dell model may soon come with a SIM port! (Its already been indicated in the documentation)

    • Derrick Ford

      To have built in 4g/LTE is not a must have. Most Smart Phones have Wifi Tethering feature. Plus, you would think your phone is always on your person…So, why not use tethering?

  • koenshaku

    I may buy this for note taking!

  • iamwarpath

    no gps , no buy

    • Nham Thien Duong

      Bing Maps.

    • JohnCz

      I believe it does have gps according to mobilegeeks

      • iamwarpath

        That changes things. I might buy this then.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    At present they’re all still super-expensive, I guess I’ll have to wait another year, though I might just get one for my wife on Christmas.

  • JohnCz

    I wish they had launched this in time for the holiday season.