Asus Will No Longer Make Windows RT Tablets, Took A Writedown Similar To Microsoft’s Surface RT

Asus has announced that it will no longer make Windows RT tablets from now on. Asus Chief Executive Jerry Shen told that they are going away from Windows RT due to lack of backwards compatibility and they will continue to work on Intel based Windows devices. He also revealed that the company took a writedown on its Windows RT tablets in the second quarter similar to what Microsoft did for its Surface RT devices.

“It’s not only our opinion, the industry sentiment is also that Windows RT has not been successful,” Asustek Chief Executive Jerry Shen told The Wall Street Journal on the sidelines of its post-earnings conference.

Source: WSJ

  • sri_tech

    Hopefully these executives shut their mouths from now on. I believe this is good for Microsoft because they don’t need to worry about undercutting the OEMs with their pricing.

    Microsoft need to make Surface RT 2 with below specs:
    8 inch FULL HD display,
    Snapdragon 800 processor,
    2 GB RAM,
    32GB, 64GB with and without LTE.

    Price at
    32 GB (wifi) – $299,
    64 GB (wifi) – $349,
    32 GB (LTE) – $399,
    64 GB (LTE) – $499.

    I know they won’t be making lots of profits but this will bring more sales and more apps to the platform.
    Microsoft needs a hit in the tablet space. This also helps Windows phone and their brand image in general.

    Market the features of Windows 8 directly without stupid dancing and comparisons to iPAD.

    Show what is good about Windows RT on tablets.

    • Duel

      not going to change anything, iv been saying this many times, the problem isnt the device itself. So specs that you just listed is pointless, not going to make any difference. Its all about OS and ecosystem and microsoft cant compete neither. It took two years or three to android to compete with iPad and now microsoft have iPad and all android tablet against. Sorry it doesnt look good if they cant think some killer HOOK which beats all the app collection etc, and i dont think its possible.

      • Bugbog

        I’m confident! If they cane get the component/price mix right, then it Will eventually take off.

        No pain, no gain! Right?

        • Duel

          Nope, i dont think so, there’s already tens almost free android tablets out there, if microsoft can do cheap windows RT tablet i still dont see why it would sell, First RT devices already showed what the problem is and how big it is and next RT tablet have same problems. Also if others companies also doenst believe the product, then customers doesnt believe and devs doesnt want to make apps and games for OS. Like i said android tablets have went through this and android is super popular and there’s a lot of OEMS doing those android tabs and still it took android for maybe three years to get space in tablet markets. Well still invidual android tablets except samsung cant sell much, but when there’s like 20 OEMS doing those tablets eventually it gets marketshare and devs support.

          • Bugbog

            I don’t believe we should (or need) to take the ‘Android’ path as a model of success!

            Android’s [Smartphone] success was a happen-stance of timing and luck. It’s Tablet “success” a confirmation of the former, as it has been considerably less so. You just need to look at the major efforts to re-write the coding designs in order to accommodate the enlarged space.

            The RT design & language is a planned, and implemented effort. That it hasn’t received instant “major” success is neither here, nor there. It has already received critical acclaim, and not minor market-share after less than 10months sale time.

            I believe Microsoft just needs to continue refinement on its Surface models, as there is less substantially wrong with them, than they have gotten right.

            And I do believe they will get better!

    • Cruncher

      I’d rather prefer a 10 inch tablet. Infact if Surface 2 turns out to be only 8 inch i would certainly go back to Android.

  • efjay

    RT is done, shame people cant see that is has no appeal to anyone but MS fanboys. Focus on x86 with next gen Atom for lower priced ipad competitors that provide a no compromise experience, trying t sell people on the half baked Windows that is RT will fail yet again.

    • Duel

      RT was DOA, it didnt had any change, it was big mess. Microsoft tried to add everything into tablet without making compromises but actually it went opposite and the products were very confusing and people had hard to understand to whom they have been doing these products.

      • V1ado

        Good for Intel I guess.. it really doesn’t make any sense if the new BayTrail chips are almost as efficient..
        X86 > ARM

    • Iain Simpson

      RT has only just taken its first baby footsteps, you guys need to see the bigger picture and see where RT has its place. RT and WP will become the same OS fairly soon which will run on tablets and smartphones.

  • Duel

    Oh no, this cant be happening, but but they are so great products, ask from nohone. Too bad asus didnt know what nohone knows!

    • nohone

      To me, and to the many people that I know who have one, it is a great product. That is my and their opinion, and just because it does not fit into your narrow, hate filled world view that if it does not have a Apple logo on the back it therefore sucks, does not change the fact. I will be buying a Surface RT 2, and hand the one I currently use to my brother to replace his iPad 1, which he finds limiting and too restrictive.

  • TomProfan

    Surface needs a Dock and should work with domains to be manageable. VPN is also needed then its the tool for sales and mobile warriors. ERP via citrix…office..

  • Henrik Erlandsson

    This will make Nokia the king of tablets (as they are on phones) when they start producing later!

    • V1ado

      In other words, Nokia is saving Microsoft on two different fronts now..

    • babylongreece

      Nokia just lose me as a customer two years ago

  • Duel
    • Bugbog

      The “Now” culture in action!

      Thank goodness there wasn’t global media 100years ago! Otherwise nothing would have been ventured, lest it proved a “flop” by not instantly becoming a worldwide sensation, with profit in the trillions!

    • Rikkirik

      This graph proves nothing.

    • nohone

      Where is the bar on this chart showing the number of apps available on the OSX store? Here is a hint – it is about 16,000. So apparently, using your standard, having such a low number of apps proves failure. When will Apple drop that albatross called Mac and OSX, and embrace Windows?
      Second, the chart is not correct. Windows 8 has millions upon millions of apps available, and far surpasses the pathetic offerings for any Apple or Google OS.
      Third, the number of apps does not matter, Steve Jobs said it himself. He launched iPhone without an sdk, only 5-10 apps, and told us that the web and browser was all we needed.

    • nohone

      Oh, and “ActiveNick’s Big Bad Blog” – hardly what I would consider a reliable source.

    • Iain Simpson

      stupid comparison and kinda really makes you look like an idiot, after only 9 months w8 has 54% of the top 100 ios apps and runs a fuck of a lot more than all of them together, so really ios has what 2% of the apps that windows 8 can run.

      • Duel

        You know we are talking about microsoft RT… Maybe you actually read comment before posting next time :)

        • Nohone

          No, the chart you posted clearly states “Windows 8” and then you go on to talk about WinRT. Perhaps you should read first.

          • Duel

            This topic is about asus not doing windows RT devices, not about windows., and that chart shows the biggest problem with RT, that list doesnt even includes games, also not instant hits, only the big apps which have been there long time.

  • Rikkirik

    All is certainly not lost in tablet land. Fujitsu has just (august 2013) sold 30.000 tablet with W8 Pro to the largest insurance company in Japan. We tend to define a windows tablet by windows RT, while the beauty of a Microsoft tablet is that it can also be equipped with W8 Pro. Vendors of windows tablet should realize this and change their strategies. Give consumers and enterprises the choice of wether they would want RT or W8 Pro on their tablets. Some businesses prefer Windows RT, like the Emirates, which bought WIndows RT tablets for all it’s flight attendents. If Microsoft and it’s partners make a joint effort in the enterprise market to sell tablets by catering to their specific needs, sales of Windows tablets can skyrocket. Microsoft should also make more use of their own sales channels to promote and sell tablets (from partners also). Microsoft recently (2013) sold Office 365 and Yammer products to Telefonica (130.000 workers) and AIG (parent company of British Airways and Iberia, with 58000 workers). This salespower can be used to promote and sell tablets, giving discounts if tablets are sold jointly with other MS products.

  • Rikkirik

    WRT has a future. The more vendors stop developing the RT version, the more likely or greater the chance that MS’s own tablet will succeed, whether it be a tablet with W8 or WRT.

  • timotim

    This means that Microsoft and Nokia can both own this space and really define the experience. Let the other OEMs have x86 W8 devices. Price is everything here. Devices should start at $199 for 7-8″…if Android can do it, MS should be willing to do the same. Surface RT2 10.6″ should start at $350. Go for marketshare MS, not profit. Build up that userbase so that later on you can make money off the Store.

  • UMovies

    the reason rt failed is it sucked this batch wont suck it will perform close to if not faster than its 86 counter parts, asus , nokia sys thanks for doing what htc and samsung did last couple of years hand us/Nokia the keys to the ecosystem, thanks Nokia could be the number one rt tablet maker with out your support, you guys are swell. Asus r.i.p.