Best Buy Explains Why There Was A Small Selection Of New Windows 8 PCs In Its Stores


One of the common complaints every analysts reported about Windows 8 sales is the lack of new Windows 8 PCs in retail stores. Best Buy, one of the leading retailers in US had only few models of new Windows 8 PCs. Jason Bonfig, Best Buy’s vice president of merchant computing have told Time in an interview that there were several reasons for the lack of many new PCs in stores.

One of them is that PC makers haven’t been able to deliver their tablets and  hybrids in time for Windows 8′s launch due to issues with manufacturing. Many  Windows 8 tablets use touchscreens larger than 10 inches, which has been the  standard for Android tablets from companies like Samsung, Asus and Acer.  Production is still ramping up for the larger screens, Bonfig said, and while  the manufacturing process for 10-inch panels has been refined over several  years, the process for larger panels is still more likely to produce defective  units. The mechanical aspect of hybrid designs is also new, Bonfig said, so  manufacturers are still trying to improve quality standards there as well.

He also said that Best Buy always try to balance value creation for the customers. They won’t stock up any PC that doesn’t bring value for customers. He said that some Windows 8 hybrids like the ones with detachable keyboards do not provide the value customers expect.

“We felt the customer would either make a choice to buy a less-expensive tablet,  or they would make a choice to buy a more expensive Ultrabook or convertible,  and they weren’t interested in some of the performance and value associated with  a few of those products,” Bonfig said.

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Source: Time

  • the person

    I look forward to hearing Best Buy’s bankruptcy explanation too…

    • mrdeezus

      I think Amazon should buy them……BB already matches internet prices.

      • the person

        why? Amazon gets free showrooms at someone else’s expense!

        • Shane Nokes

          If you think it’s free then you don’t know anything about how retail stores handle space.

          They charge for that space…it’s nowhere near free.

          • Sunny Bajaj

            You did not understand his comment…… he meant free space for Amazon shopper’s.. go look at best buy and then buy at a better place (Amazon) 😉

          • Shane Nokes

            Ah. I thought it was in reference to Best Buy often selling space to folks like Apple, Amazon, B&N for their devices in the store.

            I can also see what you’re saying as being a very likely interpretation. :)

  • Targus

    Best Buy is never a retailer with wide variety of choices. It’s even worse that I can never find a model which is marginally close to my preference.
    I don’t think their purchasing department has a good taste. For example, I know some people like big-ass laptops (I mean those larger than 15″ with numeric keypad), but are they so popular that they need to occupy more than 1/3 of Best Buy’s laptop portfolio?

    • Tumultus

      Yeah, I agree! And if they really have something you’re interested in, they make you go on a goose chase until you actually find a store that has it.

  • Gavin Tom

    lol and that’s why they are going down like the titanic. Total disconnect from consumers.

  • mrdeezus

    I cant wait for all the larger screen pc’s to take the place of all those crappy android tablets. They can always move them over by all the other worthless products like the GPS units.

    • Tumultus

      Not that I like those “crappy androids” but I wouldn’t call them that either! They do have their place in the tech world and for many, they’re exactly what they need: a nice and inexpensive computing device.

  • Bugbog

    So much for it being Microsoft that was “slow” to release and market!

  • Truthhz

    These Best Buy idiots will stock $1000 AudioQuest HDMI cables, but Win 8 hybrids are not a value. WTF!

  • peterfares

    Really, Best Buy? The hybrids were the only ones I was interested in and no store has those in stock!

  • donzebe

    So it comes down to the Manufacturers (OEM). The OEM know about all these screen sizes etc about 1 or 2 years ago, why wait till the last minute to work on them.

    • Shane Nokes

      Same reason why component manufacturers didn’t write proper drivers for their hardware before the Vista launch…lack of focus.

    • jimski27

      Exactly. Not as if the OEMs didn’t know that Win8 and a touch experience wasn’t coming two years ago. At a time when sales were in the crapper because of the economy. They dropped the ball big time. And of this is the beat they can do, Microsoft does not have to innovate much to do better.