Best of TechEd 2013: Mark Russinovich

Microsoft makes most of the sessions at TechEd available on Channel 9, it’s a great resource and wealth of information.  I have been slowly sifting through the sessions and will be posting a couple blog posts on what I thought were the best TechEd talks.

Mark Russinovich is a technical fellow at Microsoft, among the most prestigious titles you can receive, given to the most intelligent people at the company.  Russinovich became famous at Winternals writing software that offered technical resources and utilities to manage, diagnose, troubleshoot, and monitor.  Russinovich reverse engineered most windows to write a lot of this software.  The story goes that David Cutler in a meeting with Ballmer told him to “Just fucking buy his company and hire him.”  Microsoft acquired Winternals in 2006 and Russinovich has been one of Microsoft’s most successful acqui-hires.

Russinovich now spends most of his time working on the App-Fabric of Windows Azure, maintaining his tools from Winternals, and writing books.  He gave four talks at TechEd:

License to Kill – Malware Hunting with the Sysinternals Tools

Case of the Unexplained 2013: Windows Troubleshooting

Windows Azure Internals

Infrastructure Services on Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks


  • PoohGQ

    “..became famous at Wintnerals..” Please for the love of God and the little kids who do not know what “Winternals” is; correct that spelling. That is a very crucial word in your article..

    • surilamin

      woops, updated thanks.

  • scotthumble

    The man is a pillar and an icon. You could probably write a book on his accomplishments and their impact on the industry. Good stuff.