Big Win For Microsoft As Los Angeles County Is Moving More Than 100,000 Employees To Office 365

Los Angeles County Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft today announced one of the largest Office 365 adoption customer story. Microsoft announced that Los Angeles County is moving more than 100,000 employees working in more than 30 departments to Microsoft Office 365 for Government. The county views Office 365 as a means to increase collaboration, provide a unified platform and help realize cost savings. With guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime, geo-redundancy, and built-in disaster recovery, Microsoft Office 365 for Government provides the robust security and reliability that all government bodies requires to help ensure the safe storage and availability of sensitive agency data, in compliance with ISO27001, Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), and other regulations.

“The county is constantly looking at opportunities to manage cost and improve service,” said Richard Sanchez, chief information officer for Los Angeles County. “Office 365 enables us to best manage our licenses, provide greater services to all 30-plus departments and control cost. Each department is unique in its needs and requirements, but departmental CIOs saw that with Office 365, they would be able to better serve the needs of their departmental employees and of the constituents.”

The county views Office 365 as a means to increase collaboration, provide a unified platform and help realize cost savings. These cost savings come in multiple forms. First, the county was able to consolidate 15 department enterprise agreements into one countywide agreement that ensures each department has access to the same Microsoft cloud services. This consistency improves performance in an environment that previously had multiple agency systems, hampering collaboration and increasing cost. Second, the agreement ensures that the county pays for only those services in use by existing employees. This represents a savings since staffing levels across various departments fluctuate from year to year or through seasonal workers. Finally, by moving to a cloud-based service, the county was able to avoid the type of large upfront capital expense traditionally required to modernize and consolidate systems.

Read the full press release here.

  • lol

    Holy crap, a mere county with 100,000 employees??

  • scorp508
    • reKitab

      Nice dig:)

    • Bugbog

      Google may have pioneered the recent shift to Cloud Office productivity, but it seems that it is Microsoft that is reaping the whirlwind!

      • LexicoRed

        Yes your correct the cloud is going great guns for Microsoft and time for the company drop the dead weight of hardware that’s keeping the company from flying higher!

        • Rikkirik

          Should Microsoft be servicing rivals who also invest in hardware, while these rivals also invest in software?? Because that’s what Microsoft will be doing if they dicht the hardware business. Google sooner or later will try to catch up to Microsoft when it come to Cloud and try to dominate the whole spectrum of hardware and software for consumers and enterprises. To compete effectively with Google Microsoft will have to compete on both levels against Google. The winner will dominate not only in software and services, but also hardware. Google is king in hardware and is attacking Microsoft on the software and services side (chrome browser, google docs, big data etc). Microsoft is the king of software and services and has to attack Google on the hardware side (tablets, smartphone, gameconsoles, PC’s/Surface etc), if they want to remain relevant in the future. Staying ahead in software and services, while dominating hardware is key to Microsoft’s survival, these are the same reasons why Google is investing in software and competing with Microsoft on their turf.

          • LexicoRed

            Only hardware Google sucks at hardware as bad sad Microsoft. And as long as Microsoft offers cross platform services and software, there is little to no compelling reason to buy MS hardware other then being a fanboy.

            Microsoft has consistently proven no one can compete with them in the area of software and services when the company is focused on doing it best work. This is why it is no time to deal with profit losing hardware that distracts the company from the things they are good at doing.

          • NGM123

            What utter BS, the company is large enough to be able to concentrate on both without its core business suffering, to neglect hardware and let the competition rule is suicide long term.

          • LexicoRed

            It had already suffered billions of dollars of losses that could have been reinvested into the core business. Long term is about protecting and prospering the core business not trying to out compete in markets Microsoft is horrible at; hardware.

          • Rikkirik

            Clarification: Google is king when it comes to tablets and smartphones, microsoft when it comes to PC. Google is untill now unsuccesfully trying to break into the PC market with Chromebooks. Chromebooks don’t even have 1% of the world wide PC market. Microsoft is trying to break into the tablet and smartphone market that Google dominates with WP and Surface. Microsoft’s strategy is already reaping fruits. Surface revenue last year was almost 2 billion (Surface last year had 8% market share in the US), WP is growing at a faster rate than IOS or Android, while Microsoft is still writing losses on WP. Giving away WP Os for free (for hardware with screens of 9 inch or less) has led to a broader adoption of WP by different OEM’s, producing WP’s at cheaper price points. But Microsoft’s presence in the hardware business is relevant also. They have a big foot in the enterprise sector and are more knowledgable of the clients needs. They have integrated software products which give their hardware products an advantage compared to rivals: security, pureview technology, office, yammer, CRM, big data etc. The integration of hardware and software in Microsoft product goes further than those of rivals like Google, sine Google does not control the hardware. Heck Google does not even fully control the software (different Android OS’s like say in China and fragmentation within Android).

          • Rikkirik

            This integration of software and hardware in Microsoft’s products mean that their products will command and have a big advantage especially in the enterprise and business field. Enterprises are more and more locked into Microsoft soft- and hardware. This is called total dominance of the enterprise and business world. That’s what Microsoft is aiming for. This competitive edge has to be effectuated before Google really becomes relevant om Microsoft’s turf: software and services.

          • LexicoRed

            Microsoft dominates enterprise now the same was they have I. The past through Software and Services, the same will be true in the future if they continue to focus on strengths; hardware never was or will be.

          • LexicoRed

            Google does not dominate tablet & phone, their software does.

            Growth numbers are meaningless one is selling a few thousand and other 100s of million.

            This hardware strategy you so desperate want to hold on to is not effective, and wish hoping, dreaming will not change that, sorry.

  • Max

    Only 99.9% guaranteed uptime? I thought “five nines” was industry standard.

    • Forjo Atinxan

      It’s a news article, not an SLA. And keep in mind that you don’t need the cloud portion to edit documents unless they are stored only in the cloud. Windows 8 users will have easy sync via the Onedrive for business app.

  • LexicoRed

    Great news for the company. Just goes to prove where the future for Microsoft is; software and services. Time to jettison the Ballmer hardware dream and focus on the future.

    Dell want to buy MS hardware assets of XBOX, Surface and the remains of Nokia WP on the cheap?