Bill Gates Criticizes Google For Not Doing Enough Philanthropic Work

Bill Gates

In an interview to Bloomberg, Bill Gates criticized Google for not carrying out enough philanthropic activities and shot down the idea of floating balloons enabling broadband to rural areas. Read his full response below. Apart from this, Bill Gates discussed about his effect of philanthropic work so far, silicon valley people, his work at Microsoft now, educational policies and more.

One of Google’s (GOOG) convictions is that bringing Internet connectivity to less-developed countries can lead to all sorts of secondary benefits. It has a project to float broadband transmitters on balloons. Can bringing Internet access to parts of the world that don’t have it help solve problems?

When you’re dying of malaria, I suppose you’ll look up and see that balloon, and I’m not sure how it’ll help you. When a kid gets diarrhea, no, there’s no website that relieves that. Certainly I’m a huge believer in the digital revolution. And connecting up primary-health-care centers, connecting up schools, those are good things. But no, those are not, for the really low-income countries, unless you directly say we’re going to do something about malaria.

Google started out saying they were going to do a broad set of things. They hired Larry Brilliant, and they got fantastic publicity. And then they shut it all down. Now they’re just doing their core thing. Fine. But the actors who just do their core thing are not going to uplift the poor.

Source: Business Week

  • Keifwoki

    Good on him! 20 years ago I wouldn’t have said this… but, if more rich people were like Bill Gates the world would be a much better place!! We can only hope that some of the billionaire snobs up there grow a heart and take some notes from him and his wife

  • oldjovian

    Sure, bringing Internet to the world helps Google build a bigger advertising base!

  • etios

    Google only cares for Advertising eye-balls, nothing else.

  • IamDefiler

    Interesting story about Monsanto and Blackwater – I pulled the
    (unrelated) quote because everytime I tell someone Gates’ “charity” is
    bullshit – they look at me like I’m a hater.

    Bill Gates might try to say that the Foundation is not linked to his
    business, all it proves is the opposite: most of their donations end up
    favoring the commercial investments of the tycoon, not really “donating”
    anything, but instead of paying taxes to the state coffers, he invests
    his profits in where it is favorable to him economically, including
    propaganda from their supposed good intentions. On the contrary, their
    “donations” finance projects as destructive as geoengineering or
    replacement of natural community medicines for high-tech patented
    medicines in the poorest areas of the world. What a coincidence, former
    Secretary of Health Julio Frenk and Ernesto Zedillo are advisers of the

    • Ruufus

      One word: Elysium

  • grs_dev

    The world needs more Bill Gates

  • henry

    “When you’re dying of malaria, I suppose you’ll look up and see that balloon, and I’m not sure how it’ll help you. When a kid gets diarrhea, no, there’s no website that relieves that.”

    Yes what they need is a surface tablet and rip-off-office

    Oh yes Bill why you are at it care to explain why you sabotaged OLPC ???

    • Jimmy_Jangle

      You, dear sir, are an idiot.

      • henry

        and you sir are a peasant……………credit ANALyst………………admit it you work in a call center for minimum wage……….plus you are a brit so you must have yellow teeth ? tell me im right ?

        • Jimmy_Jangle

          “im right”?

          You unfortunate shill.

          Thing is I’m not minimum wage, I have healthy white teeth, and I’m not what you’d call a peasant.

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