Bill Gates On Steve Jobs Comments On Him: “None of that bothers me at all"


In an interview to ABC News TV channel, Bill Gates revealed that Steve Jobs’s comments over him which was revealed through his biography by Walter Isaacson doesn’t bothers him.

Here is the excerpt from his interview,

"I mean, he faced, several times at Apple, the fact that their products were so premium priced that they literally might not stay in the marketplace. So the fact that we were succeeding with high volume products, you know, including a range of prices, because of the way we worked with multiple companies, it’s tough.
"So the fact that, you know, at various times, he felt beleaguered, he felt like he was — he was the good guy and we were the bad guys, you know, very understandable.
"I, you know, respect Steve. We got to work together. We spurred each other on, even as competitors. None of that bothers me at all," 

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  • Soosan

    I like this interview you know? It’s about Bill who, you know, says what he thinks, you know?

    • Anonymous

      Well in terms of, aahhh, you know, understandability, I think it’s, I think it’s fair to say that he, ahhhhh, got his point across fairly – ahh, fairly well.

  • Anonymous

    to mr bill gates 
    thats what happens when you tried to help a greedy selfish guy who doesn’t appreciate anything 

  • Donald Childrey

    of course without Bill and Microsoft by the end of the 90’s , APPLE WOULD HAVE FADED AWAY INTO OBSCURITY , Steve should have been thanking the softies for pumping money into there company

  • Martyn Metalous

    Mr Gates, faced with harsh words from a dead man, still shows grace and respect towards him. Gone up in my esteem, a lesser man would find it too easy to slag Jobs off.

  • Vasp

    Gates is the better businessman as Jobs was the better salesman. The difference is that Gates was able to turn his back and walk away. Jobs stuck to his job and gave his life to it.

    • Anonymous

      Not only that, Gates is true Geek with Visionary whereas Steve was a Salesman with of course a vision. One way Steve learned consumer front from Gates. Gates brought products to common man, and Apple simply followed it from its resurrection by bringing iMac, iTunes (of course totally buggy), iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

  • Anonymous

    This demonstrates, among other things, why Bill Gates did so well in his endeavors. He could rise above the petty things of the business world and see the best in others. It also explains why Microsoft, despite its many detractors, does not get derailed from moving forward with success; Gates’ spirit is carried on.