Bill Gates Reaffirms That He Is Not Coming Back To Microsoft, To Continue Foundation Work For Rest Of His Life

Bill Gates has said this so many times in the past, he said it again today. What is that? He is not returning to Microsoft for a full-time job and he will continue to work for his foundation for rest of his life. He also said that Microsoft board which is pretty good is continuing its search to find the best possible CEO for Microsoft. Microsoft founder and Chairman Bill Gates discussed about all these on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop” program. Watch the video above.

Source: Bloomberg

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Well, he’s doing great work, saving millions of lives, some things are more important than P.C.’s, Phones, Video-Games + their consoles and other things, and that is saving peoples’ lives, great work Mr. Gates, keep up the great work. 😉