Bill Gates Speaks About Windows 8, Microsoft Surface And More

In an interview to CNBC, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates commented about Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface sales that they are doing well. He discussed about his work at Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, how they tackle various diseases, etc,. He was also speaking on Internet wave bringing revolution in education and so. When asked about whether he will return to Microsoft, he said the obvious answer ‘No’.

Watch the video above.

Source: CNBC 

  • blackhawk556

    cant watch video on my surface :-/

    • redtidal

      cause it is a flash embed. i think you need to run the desktop IE.

      lol, the irony…

      • blackhawk556

        I tried desktop and it didn’t work. I went to source website and it played there fine. I think they didn’t post it correctly on this site.
        Sent from my Windows Phone 8

        • duk3togo

          Bing search flash on windows rt, download it, install it and bam you got flash. It works nice.

    • RWalrond

      Click the Source link. Worked just fine on my Surface RT without any whitelist hacks.

  • Guest

    You need to add to your flash whitelist.

  • NegLewis

    Everybody in the business sector was more than happy with Win XP.
    Vista was a major release (Alpha) and the Windows 7 (final) is the best OS we have right now – but people expected that Windows 8 would be a Fixed Win 7 OS – especially on the drivers part and Efficiency of the (kernel) OS.

    Windows 8 inherits the drivers issues from Windows 7, but the efficiency Windows 8 has right now is an over-kill (?), because people install it on older Laptops and NoteBooks. and don’t buy new PC’s any more (no touch, no GPS, no sensors, no battery. …)

    Nobody in the right mind will ever consider that Windows 8 could possibly be a major success (Business sector needs 2-3 years of testing).
    Only this last year in 2012 we’ve got Windows 7 installed on our (old) PC’s. After 2 years of testing.
    IE10 it’s still under testing – we are not allowed to install it yet.

    Windows Blue (Blue Team = Intel) I hope it will be the one Business Sector expect it: A Windows 8 tested by millions and millions for 1-2 years.
    In the mean time Touch Panel Sector will be unlocked… and cheap.

    • jimski27

      Sure, people with older laptops and desktops will revive them with Win 8. I proved that when I upgraded my 9 year old Fujitsu notebook. Bit after a month I longed for more of what Win 8 has to offer, so I sold it and replaced it with an Asus S200E. So consider the Win 8 upgrade offer a marketing tool to nudge you to buy up.
      And glad I work for a small company. Tested Win 8 preview on a spare Compaq Pentium for two weeks, didn’t find any problems and proceeded to upgrade our machines from XP. Big improvement in speed and performance. Those big companies are losing 10s of thousands of hours per year running XP as their employees gaze at an hourglass. Try this. If you have to wait an extra 10 seconds for a refresh every 10 minutes while using your PC, that adds up to almost 34 hours a year. Nearly a full week. Bootups and reboots are another week. That’s not productive.

  • Kitab

    Nobel Peace Prize for Bill Gates, now!

  • Windows 8

    Now this is a man who I bow down my head to everytime I see him or even hear his name being mentioned..
    He is what a true man should be, amazing spirit and use of acumen..
    God bless him.