Bill Gates Talks On Natural User Interfaces(Video)

Bill Gates gave a talk on power of Natural User Interfaces on his birthday at University of Washington. He said Kinect is a transformational technology and a  technical achievement. On the Gates Notes, he wrote on Kinect as the following,

Kinect is much more than just a cool video game technology—it is the most advanced example of a wave of new advances that are enabling people to interact with technology in entirely new ways.

One of the most important current trends in digital technology is the emergence of natural user interface, or NUI. We’ve had things like touch screen and voice recognition for a while now. But with Kinect, we are seeing the impact when people can interact with technology in the same ways that they interact with each other.

via: Next at Microsoft

  • Jp_accetta

    I love the Metro tiles on his PPT presentation :)

    • J A

      I love the work that he/his foundation are doing with….the Metro tiles on his PPT presentation :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad Bill GAtes is spending his money on trying to change the mindset of how education should be improved in the USA. Saw his interview on CNN with Fareed Zakaria.  The Khan Academy is very revolutionary….I am intrigued if it can work and be generally accepted by traditionalists and unions.