Bill Gates Vacations…well like a Billionaire

In between advising current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and his philanthropic endeavors, Bill Gates was spotted on a family vacation off the coast Italy near Porto Cervo, Sardinia. According to a new report:

Gates — along with his wife Melinda and their kids Rory, Jennifer and Phoebe — knocked a few balls around in Porto Cervo, Sardinia before being flown back to the massive yacht they’re renting.

After that, the family went through a rack of wet suits (because who doesn’t keep their wet suits on a clothes rack?) before taking a dip in the Mediterranean Sea and hopping on jet skis.

Safe to say his summer is probably better than yours.

*EXCLUSIVE* Businessman Bill Gates and family enjoy some vacation time **USA ONLY**

*EXCLUSIVE* Businessman Bill Gates and family enjoy some vacation time **USA ONLY**


*EXCLUSIVE* Businessman Bill Gates and family enjoy some vacation time **USA ONLY**

*EXCLUSIVE* Businessman Bill Gates and family enjoy some vacation time **USA ONLY**

*EXCLUSIVE* Businessman Bill Gates and family enjoy some vacation time **USA ONLY**







h/t tmz

  • koenshaku

    After reading this it felt like I was in line at a Walmart and was bored enough to read a tabloid and I loath Walmart and tabloids…

  • MajorRockStar

    …and that folks is how it is done.

    • Azjerei

      Like a Boss!

  • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

    OMG this post was boring. Why do you bother with thie celeb “style” BS???? Plx don’t keep doing it!

    • MistiDFox

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  • Michael Fernandez

    What is this site coming to…. Leave such stuff for vanity magazines…. Please… He started off much worse than what most of us are born into…. and even now there is some guy much less privileged than us in some garage coming up with an idea and working his ass off for it which will make him like this 10 years from now… while we gossip…. so frankly and with all the right because im a very frequent visitor of this site… This post was a complete waste…. saying so much so that you don’t repeat it…

    • kevinflorian

      Just… skip the article.

      Would have saved you all 97 words.

      I don’t get it.

      When faced with the decision of just NOT reading the post … OR … going through its entirety, leaving a 100-word reply, thinking that it might stop them from posting whatever they feel is Microsoft-related…

      Just *keep scrolling*… swoooosh. See, took all of 1 second.

      • that_guy

        Well said, I say well said my good man.

      • Michael Fernandez

        You defeated yourself…. Why did you respond to my comment instead of just “NOT” reading it, or “Skip”ing it or just *keep scrolling* or just “swooooosh”ing by???….. do what you preach… and also dont underestimate your ability to react… it can make a difference…

  • Tips_y

    What is this… Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous by Robin Leach?!!

  • reg_info

    “Safe to say his summer is probably better than yours”. Suril, sounds like you your summer is better then his?

  • tomakali

    because BillG is Microsoft no matter how many generation pass… and so it is in

  • Will S.

    This is the best article I’ve ever read on this website!

  • Frank Bales

    Suril, you’re a scientist, right? Well, this was very un-scientific! Please, stop doing this kind of nonsense.