Bing breaks 30% US market share, Google 3% down


Bing has continues to gain search share in the USA, according to Experian Hitwise.  Crucially both Bing itself and Yahoo, with its Bing-powered search have increased in market share, combined rising 5%, and resulting in a 3% drop in the previously seemingly unassailable search giant.

Google earns close to half of its revenue from the US market, amplifying immensely the effect of market share loss in the domestic market.  The cumulative effect is also of advertisers needing to advertise on Bing to make sure they do not miss a significant share of the market, weakening Google’s negotiating power and leading to lower prices and revenue.

With Google increasingly intimidated by Facebook, with whom Microsoft also has a search deal, and Google announcing bonuses may be cut by 25% of Google does not perform in social media, it may be the company has already seen its peak.

Via The Next

  • Ram

    Cool. I love it.

  • jack frost

    I love Bing♥♥♥

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    and now with the iPad app this will only go up, Bing will be number one before the end of next year

  • Orlado

    what is this true

  • w1ngnut

    Great News!

  • Macs

    Bing sucks, especially in Europe where detail is sparse. The fact that Microsoft could only get a 5% increase during the period IE9 release which defaulted to Bing shows Microsft cant even force people to change.

    • Zero

      Actually you’re wrong! Bing would only be the default on IE9 if it’s a new install (meaning no previous version of IE installed on OS) or you set Bing as default on previous version of IE. Bing is really good even in Europe. Granted that Microsoft don’t do so well for Europeans as they do for Americans but it’s still better than google.

  • DA

    From the ground up … great Job Bing Team.

    Now Lets see the WP7 Team do the same