Bing continues to take market share from Google


Experian Hitwise have released their monthly stats for search market share in the USA, and the data continues to show an erosion of Google’s market share and growth in Bing-powered searches.

In the 30 days July to August 2011 Bing and Yahoo search combined added nearly 1%, from 28.05 to 28.99, while Google dived around the same amount, from 66.05 to 65.09% of the market.

Year on year the numbers are even more stark, with Google dropping from 71.59 to 65.09 percent, down 6.5%, while Bing-powered search increased 4.4% to 28.99 over the same period.

While Google still has an overwhelming market share in the high 90% overseas, they make around 45% of their $30 billion plus revenue in USA, making each percentage lost by Google worth around $250 million.

With Google still earning 97% of their revenue from the search business, the very unfocussed company, who makes a range of products from Chrome books to driverless cars, may find its revenue growth severely compromised pretty soon.

Read more at Experian Hitwise here.

  • Anonymous

    bing by bing MS continues to clime the steep Mountain View 😉

  • Alvaro Osvaldo López-García

    But why does Alexa show the opposite?

    • Anonymous

      The opposite of what?  Alexa is world wide and Bing has maybe a 1% market share in the rest of the world.

      The point of the article is that US gains matter a lot, because it is worth a lot more here.

    • Login

      Alexa is the worst page for statistics. please don’t stick to this extremely bad web site. Alexa should be shut down. go to and you will see bing has won millions of daily users month after months. I have web sites and my local stats ( awstats ) show the opposite as alexa. 

  • Anonymous

    Note the small print “does not include mobile searches”. Put your pom poms away.

    • Anonymous

      We do not know the effect of mobile searches, but the vast majority of internet use (in the high 90’s) are still via PCs. Do not forget in USA Microsoft has a deal with Verizon to make Bing the default search engine, so it is not as cut and dried as you might think from Android dominance. Microsoft has a similar deal with Blackberry in the works also.

  • Anonymous

    I own a Windows Phone 7 but I know that Google isn’t eroding anywhere. The searches are simply moving to cellphones and Google owns that far and away.

  • Taschen PCs

    I would like to use bing, but I’m from germany and there ist bing ver bad. It uses the “msn-live-search algorithm”. It also is a beta. Very bad…Microsoft should also do something with the adsense competitors pubcenter for Europe. Microsoft i love you but you should do something for the world wide markte not only the us-market.Sorry for bad english, I’m from germany