Bing Daily Deals Rebranded As MSN Offers

Today Bing team announced that Bing Daily Deals will be rebranded as MSN Offers. MSN Offers lets you subscribe to daily email notifying you about the best deals in your local area. Since people will get confused with the which aggregates thousands of daily deals everyday, Microsoft rebranded it as MSN Offers.

We wanted to give you a heads up that Bing Daily Deals will soon be re-named MSN Offers. It’s the same great set of values in your local area, but we wanted to clear up confusion between the Daily Deals you receive via email and the Bing Deals feature which aggregates daily deals from hundreds of providers at Moreover, better aligning Daily Deals with MSN, where you can go to find the best things going on in your local area, seems to make good sense.

You don’t need to do or change a thing. You’ll still be getting the same great deals, with the same account information.

You can signup for MSN Offers here or

via: Liveside

  • Anonymous

    Why not “Bing daily offers”?

    Bing has stronger branding and alignment.

    • Anonymous

      It was called Bing Daily Deals, though.  They feel that people would confuse that with the larger, which aren’t local.

      Personally I would’ve searched for a better way to still incorporate it into Bing, but I’d imagine this is part of the remnants of old MS rearing it’s head.  There are probably advocates of the MSN branding that they have used for so long that pushed for this to try to keep it relevant.  They just don’t realize how too many brands actually confuses people more.

      I personally wish they would just keep it Windows/Bing/Xbox/Zune and categorize respective services under those brands.  Then maybe people will start really understanding how deep MS’s ecosystem really is.

  • WixosTrix

    I wish they would start phasing out MSN?  It’s such a dated branding.  I know they can’t just kill MSN off, but they could start rebranding things and get everything under the same roof.