Bing Feature Updates This Week- “Liked Results”, Tiles, Autosuggest Flight Prices


Bing, the decision engine from Microsoft is making smart moves to one up the current market leader Google.

1) Bing which has very deep relationship with Facebook has extended “Liked Results” to annotate any of the URLs returned by our algorithmic search results to all users in the US. So whenever you search for an item, you will find the social impact on the query.


2) Bing’s travel vertical gets a small  update which might be handy if you are a frequent traveller.

“With Autosuggest Flight Prices natural language capabilities, you can simply type “Fly to Chicago” or “Chicago Flights” and Bing will immediately recognize where you are, in this case Seattle, and instantaneously display the Price Predictor based on your location.”


3) Bing hasn’t made this feature official, but this feature is realised by users across the world. When you search for items like movie name for example, Bing presents you with tiles which displays some useful information such as movie ratings, no.of views,etc along the sides of results. Bing won’t display tiles for all of the results, but they will display only for the links from their partnered websites.


Source: Bing Search Blog

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Pradeep, a Computer Science & Engineering graduate.

  • Anonymous

    Love the Flight Prices suggestions, but looks like it only works for domestic. Would love to see international flights included.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent. US-centric as ever. It’s not like us Europeans want new features. Why would we ever want new features? They’re overrated. :/

  • xpit

    “Bing … to all users in the US”
    If I see something like that one more time I’m replacing my Windows 7 with Ubuntu, throwing my Windows Phone through the window, getting rid of my Xbox and start learning Objective C…

    • Yasir Alam

      I don’t blame you for how you feel, I had to provide a fake address in Singapore so I could play on Live with my original, hard bought games on my unmodded xbox 360, of which I haven’t seen any real new features in the past year or so, though I read about them every few months.

      But at the same time, I realize how much trouble it is to ship all this functionality to other locations… I just wish they’d move faster at opening up new territories.

  • Yasir Alam

    I love the tiled results, so easy to check out movie reviews from the best review sites out there at a glance. I always do this before deciding whether a movie is worth watching at the multiplex. The other thing I love about google is the proper definition of a word coming up when I search definitions, in page, on the results page, with a nifty audio clip letting you know how to pronounce the word. Little things like that are so hard to quantify in terms of how big an advantage they are. But you notice them missing as soon as you don’t get them.