Bing Image Search Now Integrates Pinterest Boards

Bing pinterest image search

Microsoft Bing team today announced a new feature in image search results UI by integrating Pinterest boards. Microsoft already integrated Pinterest in Bing image search results with the Pin to Pinterest feature, allowing you to pin and save results directly from Bing image search.

Today, they announced Image collections for Bing image search, which brings together curated collections of images from around the web. Now, when you search for an image on Bing, you’ll notice related boards on Pinterest right alongside regular search results.

Image collections are great for a search like Halloween decorating ideas, where we bring together cute pictures from around the web with creative collections by people who are passionate about decorating their house in the best way possible. Or try a search like updo hairstyles, where Image collections show you a variety of beautiful styles to get inspired from.

Below are a few additional examples of how you can use Bing to find Image collections of apparel, food, places, Do-It-Yourself projects, and animals. Click on each link to see how Bing can help you spend less time searching for the images you’re looking for and get inspired


· Wedding dress ideas

· DIY Halloween costumes

Read more about it below.


Source: Bing

  • Boas Andreasen


  • Yuan Taizong

    My best-friend would probably use Pinterest for his porn searches now…
    jokes aside, this is great news, Bing Images could gather the metadata and
    integrate it in their other services 😀

    • Cri5_09

      Your best friend?? 😛