Bing For iPad Redefines Search Experience On Tablets

Bing team from Microsoft announced Bing for iPad app yesterday. It truly refdefines the search experience on tablets/slates form factor. Here is the announcement from Bing,

Today, we are pleased to introduce a brand new way to interact with Bing: Bing
for iPad. Available for free download through the Apple App store, Bing for iPad
goes beyond the traditional search experience, offering a unique and visually
rich way to search the Web. The app is designed from the ground up for
touch. You can quickly browse news, movies, Bing homepage
images, local business listings and much more – all with the swipe of your

There are couple of more videos showing whats in this new app,

  • Nemesisproject

    And yet… Bing on Windows Phone hasnt changed since October, guys you disappoint me!

    • Anonymous

      It wont change until Mango brings a full HTML5 experience to the platform

  • Bennie Mwiinga

    Very good point Nemesisproject. Why is it that other devices in the smart phone and tablet market have been getting the best that Microsoft’s dev teams can create and yet those of us that have invested into the company itself by buying Windows Phone 7 devices are pretty much treated like we are of little to no concern? The lack of equalization between MS tech being used and developed for other platforms and WP7 is, i dare say, disgusting.

    MS you need to get the Bing team on board with WP7 things like this should not be comming out on a competiting product prior to your own. You did the same earlier in the year with releasing games and enhanced search for android and iOS. Its almost as if you enjoy shooting yourself in the foot. Come on guys lets see more of what you as a great company are capable of comming to your own platform if not first but at least at the sametime as you release it on competiting platforms.

    WP7 stands to benefit greatly from softwares & technologies such as photosynth, ie9 and bing. But if your customers are not getting that “loving feeling” you stand to lose out on getting to those projections that Gartner have made of you having a bigger slice of the smart phone cake by 2012~15. Come on MS get your head out of the ground! Thats for the Ostriches to do! :)

    • Anonymous

      LOL! Dude, the platform is not even 6 months old. Chill! When Mango is released they will have a new Bing, a new IE9, HTML5, CSS, SVG, more Twitter Integration, Multi-tasking.

      Look, I agree Microsoft needs to get on the ball considering they are playing catch up. But things don’t move at the speed of light, not even on Android or iOS. If you’re this impatient, you might as well go buy another phone and leave WP7 behind.

      • Bennie Mwiinga

        Hey JoeHTH thanks for your reply. Thanks for the suggestion that I “might as well go buy another phone and leave wp7 behind” I own a wp7 phone, samsung omnia 7 i dont see the need to change to another phone because i have a disagreement with the way in which things have been done thus far, nor was my comment structured to show any impatience with the progress that MS is making with the platform. So i would ask we refrain from responding on our opinions with snippy comments.

        The point i am making, which i think you are misunderstanding, is that the technologies they are developing need to be brought to the very platform that they are selling and wanting to make money off as a return for the time they put in.

        You may be right in saying that the platform is fairly young, but WP7 as it is playing technical catch-up to the more matured platforms. This is not neccessarily a bad thing (when you first come out) but it sets a bad precedence for the years ahead if all we see is development going into other platforms after MS has told us how much they backup this platform (the recent deal with nokia is proff of that).

        You say wait for Mango, thats not a problem, the released information of what mango will bring to the platform are nothing short of awesome. I am thinking more in the long term of things what about next year when the new dev cycle is up? And a new generation of wp7 phones are realeased and/or announced? MS will need to have a robust foundation that the current version of wp7 has to establish in order to really pull in that market share. The nokia deal will help with that but it would further enchance their position if what i talked about in my first post was minimalized.

  • Njstott

    How about making this available for Microsoft Tablets. Like the Asus eee slate, or the hp tm2t or the hp slate or …

  • Anonymous

    Im really hoping/expecting MS to announce something new with Bing on WP7 at Mix11. They better, iOS Bing has been updated twice since WP7 launched and that hasnt been updated at all. How do you guys expect people to support your own OS’s when you spend your time making other’s better? Like I said, I have faith… it just better not be them simply catching up to what they’ve already, but bring something no other OS has.

  • Ian Walker


  • Anonymous

    I’ve actually commented to Microsoft about the fact that Bing, Tag, and just about all of the mobile apps they create are better on iPhone and Android than Windows Phone 7. Tag is even better on WM6.5. It is very disappointing to see improved support to other platforms while they let thier own software lag behind. They say they’re on it, but, that has yet to be seen and great software is flowing out of there. This may be the reason I’d get an iPad. Why not make a version for your PC users? You know, the world’s largest installed base. Putting out better software for another platform makes me feel like jumping ship to one of them just so I can get the improved apps from Microsoft!

    This isn’t just about waiting for the Mango update. Many of the features that are lacking from the applications can be implemented now, they simply were not. Just take a look at the updated Bing app for the other guys, they got the “Bing Deals” while WP7 was left out. Yes that’s a minor one but it’s an example of a problem IMO. Why would they look out for the other guys first? I get the feeling they’ve got more developers working on those other platforms than thier own but that’s just sarcastic speculation not rooted in any sort of truth.

    Anyway, this looks like a wonderful iPad app and with the amount of negativative press targeting MS these days, to get such a glowing review speaks to the fact that they are doing something right. They have actually been on a role, regaining lost mindshare with Windows 7, Windows Phone 7, and numerous well made applications. I’d like to see the positive news keep rolling in but hope they start thinking about at least putting the in-house software on par if not better than releases for the other OS’s.